Best cooking recipes in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

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While it isn’t rather a endurance crippled wherever you’re required to eat, foraging for ingredients to navigator meals is highly encouraged successful Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Sure, you could conscionable eat earthy ingredients to make judge you ne'er afloat deplete your energy, but you’d beryllium missing retired connected immoderate very powerful buffs that a well-crafted repast tin provide. You evidently will beryllium unfamiliar pinch fundamentally each constituent you travel crossed connected Pandora, arsenic it’s an alien satellite aft all, and moreover your characteristic will person nary thought what effect mixing up a mates of plants aliases bits of nutrient will output until you effort it out. If you didn’t travel to this satellite to play Gordon Ramsey, here’s a breakdown of nan champion recipes you tin navigator successful Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and really to make them.

Best recipes and really to navigator them

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Cooking is done astatine immoderate cooking position that you tin find astatine each Na’vi aliases guidance base. Once you interact pinch it, you tin prime 2 ingredients to operation together and spot what repast you travel up with. Meals tin person 1 aliases 2 buffs depending connected if they’re a modular aliases specialty recipe, but they ever refill your energy.

Crunchy Seafood

Ingredients: Any food + immoderate seed.

Buff: Stealthy 1: Grants you a 35% buff to stealth.

This is simply a super-easy crockery to make early connected successful nan game, and it’s very powerful contempt really communal nan ingredients are. Considering you will person the fewest skills and weapons early on, stealth will beryllium basal for nan early missions, truthful banal up connected this repast to enactment hidden.

Fruit and Meat Skewer

Ingredients: Any thin nutrient + immoderate fruit

Buff: Fury 1: Grants you a 35% harm buff.

It’s very akin to nan first recipe, but this 1 is simply a small harder to get since you request to hunt immoderate animals, but you can’t contradict that monolithic harm buff. If things spell sideways, this snack tin move nan tide successful your favor.

Egg-Stuffed Mushroom

Ingredients: Any mushroom + immoderate egg

Buff: Ambush 1: Plus 35% stealth damage.

If you’re much of a stealth hunter, making judge your first onslaught is besides nan past is simply a must. Eat this to guarantee you get a speedy and quiet kill.

Cheesy Sahena

Ingredients: Zakru Milk + Fiery Herbs

Buff: Fleet-Footed + Fighter’s Boon II: 10% prize activity velocity and 40% harm buff against RDA.

Moving into nan specialty recipes that require circumstantial and rarer ingredients, Cheesy Sahena turns you into an RDA outpost’s worst nightmare. If you’ve sewage nan skills, you tin tally done wrecking everything successful your way earlier they cognize what deed them.

Thanator Niktsyey

Ingredients: Moss Forest Thanator Meat + Kite Manta Egg

Buff: Furtive + Fury 3: Reduces sounds from moving and increases harm by 50%.

Honestly, this look makes nan database for nan Fury 3 buff alone. The stealth summation is nice, but if you’re dealing 50% much damage, you won’t really request to beryllium quiet, will you?

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Best backgrounds
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Bounty Hunter

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Combat Medic

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