Best Extended Car Warranty for 2024

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Unveil nan apical picks for nan champion extended car warranties successful 2024, ensuring your vehicle's protection and your bid of mind. Ready to unafraid your car's future, but which warranty scheme will beryllium your eventual roadworthy companion?

Shopping for an extended car warranty whitethorn not sound very fun, but having this protection tin supply sizeable bid of mind. After all, nan best-extended car warranties tin guarantee your car gets fixed during a covered breakdown. Best of all, your extended warranty sum will really salary for nan repairs.

But which extended car warranty institution should you acquisition sum from? Because location are rather a fewer reputable providers successful this space, it’s important to comparison them based connected nan warranty sum they offer, their ratings and reviews, and nan perks they connection customers.

While we judge Endurance whitethorn connection nan champion extended warranties retired there, we went connected to comparison nan apical six companies successful this space. If you’re successful nan marketplace for nan best-extended car warranty money tin buy, publication connected to study more.

Most Important Factors for Extended Car Warranties

  • While value is simply a awesome information erstwhile comparing extended car warranties, you’ll besides request to see nan sum you’re buying and really it compares to different providers. For example, immoderate extended car warranties connection astir bumper-to-bumper sum pinch attraction included, whereas others only screen definite components of your vehicle.
  • As you comparison extended car warranties, you should statement that immoderate require waiting periods earlier you tin usage your coverage. Make judge you cognize your plan’s waiting play earlier you move forward.
  • While extended car warranty companies fto you participate your accusation to get a free quote online, you usually request to speak pinch a customer work supplier to get pricing for disposable plans.
  • As you comparison extended car warranties, make judge you value retired sum plans from astatine slightest 3 aliases 4 providers. Doing truthful is nan champion measurement to guarantee you get value protection for a value you tin afford.

The Best Extended Car Warranties of May 2024


Endurance is 1 of nan largest providers of conveyance work contracts successful nan United States, and they are backed by an AM Best “A” rated security company. This intends you tin remainder assured your extended car warranty will screen claims arsenic they originate and that you’ll person protection against nan costs and accent that typically travel pinch car breakdowns and different failures.

One awesome use of Endurance is nan truth they’re a nonstop supplier of their extended warranty coverage. This intends you’ll acquisition your scheme from Endurance and that they will negociate your sum from quote to claim.

Endurance besides has a ample action of sum plans to take from, including six different plans that scope from basal to their top-tier Advantage scheme pinch attraction included.

Select Auto Protect

Select Auto Protect has been successful cognition for complete 30 years, and they connection a scope of extended car warranty plans that tin beryllium utilized astatine immoderate ASE-certified repair facility. They connection 3 main extended warranty plans to take from — Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Where nan basal Silver scheme provides sum for basal conveyance components for illustration your transmission and brake system,  Platinum sum offers much robust protection for much components, including your power system, substance system, and beforehand and backmost suspension.

One awesome use of Select Auto-Protect is nan truth it covers cars of immoderate age, make, aliases model. This intends you tin usage this supplier for older cars you ain aliases for classical cars, and sloppy of your vehicle’s mileage.


CarShield was primitively founded successful 2005, and nan institution has go a awesome supplier of extended car warranties since then. In summation to offering 5 different extended warranty plans for eligible vehicles, they besides connection extended warranty protection specifically for motorcycles and ATVs.

CarShield offers 5 main extended car warranty plans for cars, which scope from a basal “Aluminum” scheme to “Diamond” coverage. Where nan astir basal sum options only protect immoderate components of your vehicle, Diamond sum useful likewise to nan bumper-to-bumper sum that comes pinch a caller car.

Complete Car Warranty

Complete Car Warranty was only established successful 2019, truthful location are fewer places to find personification testimonials aliases reviews astir nan institution online. However, we chose them for our ranking based connected nan truth their plans are highly customizable. For starters, Complete Car Warranty offers 5 different levels of CarGuard sum ranging from Powertrain (basic protection) to robust Platinum coverage. However, nan supplier besides offers much plans to take from wrong their Matrix and Royal levels.

Each tier of sum comes pinch a unsocial group of covered components, truthful you tin customize your warranty sum to your nonstop needs. All plans besides travel pinch roadside assistance, and you tin person your car repaired astatine immoderate certified conveyance mechanic nationwide.


CarChex has been successful cognition since 2003, and nan institution added extended car warranties to its portfolio of offerings successful 2004. Since then, nan institution has grown to go 1 of nan astir trusted extended warranty providers successful nan United States. They are 1 of nan fewer companies successful this abstraction who is accredited by nan Better Business Bureau (BBB), wherever they besides boast an A+ rating.

CarChex offers 5 levels of extended warranty sum for shoppers to take from, ranging from basal Bronze protection each nan measurement up to broad Titanium coverage. Their plans besides travel pinch nan largest action of covered benefits, which see towing, rental car coverage, state delivery, travel interruption insurance, and more.


Autopom! is different extended car warranty supplier that has an A+ standing pinch nan BBB. This institution besides offers a wide scope of warranty plans pinch plentifulness of included benefits. For example, customers get a 30 to 60-day money-back guarantee, 24-hour roadside assistance, and travel interruption reimbursement sum arsenic modular benefits.

When it comes to nan extended warranty sum this institution offers, consumers person 4 main plans to take from. Options see Powertrain Plus coverage, which protects only nan main components of your car, each nan measurement up to Exclusionary coverage, which is person to a caller car warranty coverage. Most of their plans supply nan action to tailor your warranty to your needs.

The Best Extended Car Warranties of 2024

Endurance* Direct Provider
* Backed by an AM Best “A” Rated Insurance Company
* Six Plans Ranging From basal to Advantage Plan With Maintenance Included
Select Auto Protect* Operates for Over 30 Years
* Coverage for Cars of Any Age, Make, aliases Model
* Silver (Basic), Gold, and Platinum
CarShield* Founded successful 2005
* Offers Warranty for Motorcycles & ATVs
* Five Plans: Basic “Aluminum” to “Diamond” Coverage (Like Bumper-To-Bumper)
Complete Car Warranty* Established successful 2019
* Highly Customizable Plans
* Nationwide Repair Options
* Five Levels of CarGuard Coverage (PowerTrain to Platinum)
* Matrix and Royal Levels
CarChex* Founded successful 2003
* A+ Rating With BBB
* Five Levels: Bronze to Titanium
* Includes Towing, Rental Car Coverage, Etc.
AutoPom!* A+ Rating With BBB
* 30 to 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
24-Hour Roadside Assistance
* Four Main Plans: PowerTrain Plus to Exclusionary (Close to New Car Warranty)

Other Companies We Considered

There are truthful galore extended warranty providers offering plans coming that it was difficult to prime nan options for our ranking. The pursuing companies hardly missed nan cut.


ForeverCar is an extended car warranty supplier that has been successful cognition since 2015. They connection 4 levels of extended warranty sum pinch included benefits for illustration rental car coverage, 24-7 roadside assistance, and recreation disbursal reimbursement.


Olive was considered for our ranking based connected nan truth they are 1 of nan only providers that lets you get a free online quote for extended warranty sum without speaking to an agent. However, this supplier only has 3 plans to take from. They besides conscionable launched successful 2020, truthful location aren’t galore personification testimonials aliases reviews to compare.

How We Found nan Best Extended Car Warranties

The extended car warranty companies that made our ranking were recovered to beryllium nan “best” among each providers successful this space. While immoderate of our study was subjective, we compared each institution and selected them based connected nan pursuing attributes.

Multiple Plans

While immoderate of nan extended car warranty companies we included successful our ranking connection much plans than others, we only selected providers who person astatine slightest 3 tiers of extended warranty sum to take from. We besides looked for companies that connection ways to customize your scheme to your needs, whether pinch further add-on sum aliases a much robust action of benefits.

Choose Your Own Repair Shop

We only selected companies that fto you get your car fixed astatine a ample action of car repair shops. Generally speaking, nan providers for our ranking let repairs astatine each ASE-certified repair shops aliases pinch immoderate certified mechanic.

Money-Back Guarantees

Most of nan companies connected our database connection a 30-day aliases 60-day money-back guarantee.

Included Benefits

We besides looked for extended car warranties that travel pinch included benefits from which consumers tin benefit. Perks we looked for see roadside assistance, travel interruption insurance, state delivery, rental car coverage, and more.

What You Need to Know About Extended Car Warranties

As you comparison extended car warranties, location are respective factors you request to see that whitethorn beryllium buried successful nan good print. Details to look for successful your scheme include:

  • Waiting Periods: Most extended car warranties person a waiting play that applies earlier you tin usage your coverage. Make judge you cognize astir nan waiting play you’re dealing with, arsenic good arsenic really waiting periods comparison crossed providers.
  • Deductibles: You will typically request to salary a deductible to record a declare pinch your extended warranty company. Make judge nan deductible you take is 1 you tin easy afford.
  • Vehicle Limitations: Some conveyance makes and models whitethorn not suffice for extended warranty sum pinch definite providers.
  • Length of Coverage: Finally, statement that galore companies connection constricted sum for a circumstantial timeline (i.e., 36 months aliases 3 years). Make judge you cognize astir imaginable limitations and what happens next.
  • Not Car Insurance: A communal misconception is that car warranties and security are nan aforesaid things. That is not correct. To find retired much astir car insurance, spot our best car security companies.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) besides lists immoderate circumstantial “gotchas” to watch retired for erstwhile choosing an extended car warranty. For example, they constituent retired that fewer car work contracts screen each repairs and attraction and that you should watch retired for exclusions and different good people successful your plans.

They besides statement that work contracts often limit really overmuch they’ll salary for towing aliases related rental car expenses.

The Bottom Line – Best Extended Car Warranty for 2024

In nan quest for bid of mind connected nan road, extended car warranties person emerged arsenic a celebrated solution. With galore options available, discerning which warranty champion suits your needs tin beryllium challenging. 

Endurance stands retired arsenic a apical contender, but nan marketplace boasts different reliable providers for illustration Select Auto Protect and CarShield, each offering unsocial features. 

Key considerations erstwhile choosing a warranty see knowing waiting periods, ensuring affordable deductibles, acknowledging conveyance limitations, and recognizing nan magnitude of coverage. 

Remember, warranties disagree from car insurance; it’s imperative to differentiate nan two. Always beryllium vigilant astir nan good people to debar imaginable pitfalls and guarantee a soft travel ahead.