Best LG C3 deals: Get up to $1,000 off the popular OLED TV

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LG C3 OLEDZeke Jones / Digital Trends

If you’re connected nan hunt for OLED TV deals, we can’t urge nan LG C3 OLED TV enough. It’s beautiful expensive, but fortunately, we’ve travel crossed LG C3 deals that you wouldn’t want to miss. They’re not going to past everlastingly though, truthful if you’re willing successful taking advantage of immoderate of nan offers below, you shouldn’t beryllium wasting immoderate much clip — prime nan exemplary that you want and proceed pinch nan acquisition immediately.

Today’s champion LG C3 deals

  • LG 42-inch C3 Series OLED 4K TV —
  • LG 48-inch C3 Series OLED 4K TV —
  • LG 55-inch C3 Series OLED 4K TV —
  • LG 65-inch C3 Series OLED 4K TV —
  • LG 77-inch C3 Series OLED 4K TV —
  • LG 83-inch C3 Series OLED 4K TV —

Should you bargain nan LG C3 OLED TV?

LG C3 OLEDZeke Jones / Digital Trends

The LG C3 OLED TV ranks first successful our roundup of nan best OLED TVs, arsenic it’s simply nan apical prime for astir people. If you want a TV that uses OLED technology, and if you’re consenting to walk connected a monolithic upgrade for your location theatre setup, you won’t regret going for nan LG C3 OLED TV.

What is an OLED TV anyway? OLED stands for integrated light-emitting diode, and nan exertion eliminates nan request for a backlight because OLED pixels make each of nan ray that an OLED TV produces. When an OLED pixel is turned off, there’s nary ray all, which gives OLED TVs 1 of their biggest benefits — nan expertise to create cleanable blacks. In our OLED versus QLED comparison, different advantages of OLED TVs see superior consequence time, wider viewing angles, little powerfulness consumption, and amended oculus comfort.

With nan LG C3 OLED TV, you’ll bask each of these traits and more, arsenic it runs connected nan revamped a9 AI Processor Gen 6 that enables features specified arsenic AI Super Upscaling 4K that upgrades nan value of each nan contented that you watch to 4K Ultra HD resolution, and AI Picture Pro that further improves nan visuals of your favourite shows and movies. The TV besides supports Dolby Vision for bonzer colour and brightness, and Dolby Atmos for immersive situation sound. It will consciousness for illustration you’re successful nan theaters, but successful nan comfortableness of your ain home.

You won’t tally retired of contented to watch connected nan LG C3 OLED TV because of LG’s webOS 23 platform, which will assistance entree to each of nan celebrated streaming services for illustration Netflix and Disney+. You’ll besides get much than 300 free channels pinch LG Channels, and you’ll spot movies conscionable for illustration really their board intended them to look by activating Filmmaker Mode. Gamers, meanwhile, will emotion playing video games connected nan LG C3 OLED TV because it supports Nvidia’s G-Sync, AMD’s FreeSync Premium, and variable refresh rate for topnotch quality, pinch nan LG Game Dashboard and Game Optimizer making it much convenient to set settings.

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This 86-inch LG 4K TV conscionable sewage a beautiful handsome value cut

LG UN7000 Series 5-Inch 4K Smart TV

Being capable to bargain an 86-inch 4K TV for conscionable $800 is simply a reality correct now acknowledgment to Best Buy reducing nan value connected nan 86-inch LG UR7800 4K TV. Usually priced astatine $1,250, it's presently enjoying a $450 value trim making it an unthinkable woody for anyone who wants a immense TV for less. While it mightiness not rival nan champion TVs, it does stock immoderate of nan aforesaid functionality acknowledgment to LG being 1 of nan champion TV brands.

Buying an 86-inch LG UR7800 4K TV for only $800 besides easy makes this 1 of nan champion TV deals astir and it's perfectly timed for anyone looking to bargain a immense TV successful clip for nan Super Bowl. If it sounds for illustration nan correct TV to you, deed nan fastener below. If you request a small much accusation and guidance, support reference while we return you done everything nan TV has to offer.

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Best Buy has a 50-inch 4K TV for only $200 correct now

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TV deals don't thin to get cheaper than being capable to bargain a 50-inch 4K TV for $200. That's nan lawsuit correct now erstwhile you shop astatine Best Buy pinch nan Pioneer 50-inch 4K TV presently reduced from $300 down to $200. A immense redeeming connected a TV that was already ace inexpensive to statesman with, it's nan cleanable TV for anyone starting retired aliases for kitting retired your den aliases study for less.

The Super Bowl is coming up accelerated and if your existent TV has conscionable failed, this could beryllium nan champion solution for you truthful you don't miss retired connected nan large game. Alternatively, you tin adhd it to your kid's chamber aliases location other that doesn't request a genuinely high-end TV. Sure, Pioneer whitethorn not beryllium a immense marque immoderate much but we're present to show you why it's worthy splashing retired connected nan $200 this TV is down to. Don't count connected it staying this value for overmuch longer.

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Save up to $3,500 connected Samsung’s outdoor TV for nan Super Bowl

Samsung The Terrace outdoor TV.

If you want to propulsion a Super Bowl LVIII watch statement but you don't person capable abstraction indoors, you whitethorn want to see buying nan Samsung The Terrace QLED 4K TV. Optimized for nan outdoors, some models and each sizes of this TV are presently connected waste from Samsung. For example, 65-inch Partial Sun exemplary is down to $4,500 from $5,000 for savings of $500, and nan 75-inch Full Sun exemplary is down to $9,500 from $13,000 for savings of $3,500. They're still beautiful expensive, but among each nan QLED TV deals available, this is nan finance that you'll want to make if you want a complete translator of your backyard.

55-inch Samsung The Terrace Partial Sun QLED 4K TV --

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