Best PS5 SSD deals: Add more storage to your PS5 from $80

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Hand captivation up WD Black SSD.WD

If you’ve airtight up one of the bigger PS5 deals about at the moment, it’s a acute move to additionally buy one of the best SSDs for PS5 so you can calmly aggrandize your PlayStation 5’s storage. While the centralized accumulator will get you started, as you install added amateur and download added titles from the PSN store, the added you’ll acquisition yourself bound for space. That’s why we’ve approved out all the best PS5 SSD deals about appropriate now. Below, we’ve listed the best PS5 SSDs so you won’t accept to anguish about any affinity issues or installing a heatsink for yourself. Different sizes and amount ranges are accessible actuality so you’ll calmly acquisition the appropriate one for your situation.

Our admired PS5 SSD deal

The Samsung 980 Pro SSD actuality captivated in someone's hand.Samsung

It wasn’t that continued ago that you’d accept to pay able-bodied over $100 to get a SSD for your PS5 and often, it’d be slower than the pricier alternatives. These days, you can buy a Samsung 980 Pro 1TB SSD with heatsink for aloof $80 from Best Buy, thereby extenuative $40 off the approved amount of $120. The SSD offers accelerated achievement while additionally accepting its own nickel coated aerial end ambassador to advice bear able thermal control. It agency it won’t overheat and achievement won’t be compromised. Being a PCIe Gen 4 SSD, you get alert the abstracts alteration acceleration of PCIe Gen 3 which is useful. Offering best apprehend speeds of 7,000 megabytes per second, it’s a acceptable advancement to go alongside your absolute adamantine drive with 1TB alms affluence of added amplitude at a acute price.

More PS5 SSD deals we like

Western Digital Black SN850X NVMe SSD.Digital Trends

There are a lot of altered PS5 SSDs that you can use to advancement your console’s accumulator space. When advance your PlayStation 5, attending out for a heatsink actuality already installed on the SSD for added ease, as able-bodied as blockage the SSD is compatible. Many are, and we’ve featured a agglomeration of them below. Different sizes are accessible with 1TB to 4TB best common. Not anybody needs 4TB alike admitting it’s appetizing so we’ve listed abate ones too depending on your plans. Different brands are additionally accessible so we’ve focused on the best accepted options.

  • Seagate Game Drive 1TB —
  • Seagate FireCuda 530 1TB —
  • Corsair MP600 Pro 2TB —
  • Samsung 980 Pro 2TB —
  • Samsung 990 Pro 2TB —
  • Seagate Game Drive 2TB —
  • WD Black SN850P 2TB —

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