Box cloud storage down amid 'critical' outage

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Box offce

Cloud retention supplier Box is down successful a 'critical' outage, preventing customers from accessing their files.

The outage started astatine astir 9 AM ET, pinch nan institution stating that it is simply a captious outage impacting logins, uploads, downloads, and API calls.

"Our squad is continuing to analyse and person confirmed this rumor is impacting each Box Services," sounds a connection connected the Box position page.

"Users attempting to usage Box whitethorn spot errors, timeouts, but for nan astir portion services will beryllium wholly inaccessible. We will supply further accusation arsenic it becomes available."

When attempting to log successful aliases entree nan service, users are met pinch an HTTP correction 503, stating, "This page isn't working. is presently incapable to grip this request."

Box correction messageBox correction message
Source: BleepingComputer

Customers person taken to societal media to stock their vexation arsenic they nary longer person entree to immoderate files stored connected nan unreality service.

"I tin not overstate really this outage is impacting our business- during nan busiest clip of nan year! My full squad (and galore of our clients) are wholly incapable to get thing done!," tweeted a Box customer.

BleepingComputer contacted Box to study much astir nan outage, but a reply was not instantly available.

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