Buying an Apple Watch Series 9 for the holidays? Don’t miss this deal

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The Apple Watch Series 9 has immoderate of nan astir extended health-related updates we’ve seen successful a while, pinch a caller suite of sensors and a ton of different things nether nan hood. Of course, being an Apple product, it is rather expensive, and if you’re readying to drawback one, past you’ll apt want to spell for an already existing deal. Luckily, there’s a immense 3-day waste astatine Best Buy that includes a awesome woody connected nan Series 9, bringing it down from its accustomed $399 to $329, which is an fantabulous $70 discount connected a watch pinch galore akin specs arsenic nan Ultra 2. You tin besides get nan 45mm type , arsenic good arsenic nan 41mm and 45mm of nan cellular + GPS versions, which are some discounted and , respectfully.

Why you should bargain nan Apple Watch Series 9

So why is the Apple Watch Series 9 truthful great? Well, a batch of it has to do pinch nan truth that nan Series 9 boasts a batch of nan aforesaid specs arsenic nan Ultra 2, including nan newer S9 spot and gesture feature, nan second of which lets you power nan watch pinch only 1 hand. It manages to do that for only half nan price, and while you do suffer retired connected a fewer activity and fitness-related features, that’s worthy nan reduced price, particularly if you don’t lead a very progressive manner that includes things for illustration diving and hiking. But, you tin return a look astatine our breakdown of nan Apple Watch Series 9 vs. Ultra 2 to get a amended consciousness of what you’re getting pinch each and which 1 fits your needs more.

Luckily, moreover astatine half value nan Series 9 is exceedingly comfortable and has a reside of customization options erstwhile it comes to colors and straps. Plus, you besides get a overmuch brighter surface that tin deed a 2,000 nit highest brightness and an adorable Snoopy watch, which is simply a batch much than meets nan eye. You besides get each nan aforesaid wellness search arsenic nan Watch 8, truthful there’s not overmuch quality there, which is simply a shame. It besides doesn’t person an astonishing artillery life, and you’ll get astir 2 days of it pinch mean use.

Even so, nan Watch Series 9 is an fantabulous smartwatch and a awesome upgrade if you’re going from 1 of nan earlier watches for illustration nan Series 6 aliases Series 7, particularly since it has a coagulated discount that brings it down to $329 for nan 41mm version. Don’t hide that nan 45mm and Cellular versions are besides discounted, and location is an other $275 worthy of trade-in credits you could perchance get, though if you conscionable want 1 of nan different Series watches, cheque retired these awesome Apple Watch deals.

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