Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies: how to complete Bad Signal

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Once Season 1 deed successful Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode, a caller Act was added for players to dive backmost into nan undead masses to complete much missions. Since this Act takes spot aft each nan anterior ones, it’s only earthy that it puts players to nan test.

The first ngo successful Act 4 is Bad Signal, which brings you to a caller area that is much deadly than moreover nan highest threat-level zones. If you’re struggling to past this mission, we’ll springiness you clear instructions connected really to complete Bad Signal.

Bad Signal guide

A triangle chromatic pinch a portal inside.Activision

Once you’ve selected nan Bad Signal ngo successful nan main paper and dropped into nan game, you will person a typical awesome placed connected your map. Take statement of it and make your measurement toward it. When you arrive, you will spot that you person been led to a rift you tin interact with. If you’re connected a squad, a ballot will trigger that needs to walk to commencement nan existent mission.

This rift transports you to nan marque caller Dark Aether zone, wherever your nonsubjective is to activate and capable 4 seals astir nan area. You capable them by sidesplitting capable zombies adjacent them to capable up their respective meters.

A worker approaching a chromatic pillar successful Modern Warfare 3 zombies.Activision

The seals will beryllium marked connected your HUD and look for illustration mini chromatic spires connected pedestals. One of your squad mates must interact pinch it to activate it and create a ringing of occurrence astir it. This ringing is nan area you must termination zombies wrong successful bid for them to count towards filling up nan metre that will yet break this seal. Because nan zombies successful this area are truthful strong, we highly urge sticking together and doing each seal 1 astatine a clip alternatively than splitting up and attempting to activate and destruct aggregate astatine once.

A elephantine zombie worm successful Modern Warfare 3 zombies.Activision

Once you’ve filled each four, your extremity will beryllium to time off nan Dark Aether; however, that doesn’t spell according to plan. As soon arsenic you attack nan exit portal Gorm’gant, a elephantine leader worm will spawn that you request to return out. You’ll announcement purple spots each astir its tube-like body. Focus occurrence connected those spots to harm it and support your region to debar damage. Once you termination it, nan ngo will beryllium complete.

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