Can Nicolas Cage’s new film Longlegs be the scariest movie of 2024?

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A female looks astatine a committee afloat of notes successful Longlegs.Neon

It’s only February, but 2024 already feels for illustration it needs a bully scary movie to shingle things up. Last year, audiences were spoiled pinch nan January delights of M3GAN and Infinity Pool and nan committedness of yet different installment successful the Scream franchise. So acold this year, each we’ve gotten is simply a tepid Mean Girls philharmonic remake, different Jason Statham action movie, and Argylle, which is only scary successful really bad it is. (Seriously, don’t spot it.)

Leave it to movie supplier Neon and beloved weirdo character Nicolas Cage (Dream Scenario) to prevention nan day. Over nan past fewer weeks, nan erstwhile has released a slow trickle of caller info astir nan 2024 movie, starting pinch a bid of intriguing posters that hint astatine nan movie’s American Gothic attack to horror.

Creepy, huh? But what is nan movie about, exactly? And what domiciled does Cage, 1 of nan astir respected actors around, play successful this movie? Today, Neon released nan first trailer for nan movie, and aft watching it, nary of those questions are really answered. That’s OK, though, since nan movie looks incredibly spooky and should beryllium this year’s Skinamarink, which gave disconnected akin “What nan hell?” vibes this clip past year.

The movie’s charismatic tagline states “You’ve sewage nan teeth of nan hydra upon you,” which doesn’t bode good for nan characters successful nan movie. (Or, for that matter, anyone having a pleasant night’s slumber aft watching nan movie). The movie’s crippled is still a mystery, but Cage gave immoderate penetration into Longlegs erstwhile he was interviewed by New York Times journalist Kyle Buchanan past year: “I play […] a possessed Geppetto. He makes these dolls, and these dolls infiltrate families and get nan families to do unspeakable things.” Interesting. You tin find much info astir nan movie successful Buchanan’s Tweet astir it.

Longlegs stars Cage, Maika Monroe (no alien to nan scary genre pinch specified films arsenic It Follows and 2022’s Watcher), Alicia Witt, and Blair Underwood. The head is Oz Perkins, who made nan fantabulous The Blackcoat’s Daughter successful 2015 and is nan boy of Anthony Perkins, aka Norman Bates from Psycho. The movie was changeable successful Vancouver successful early 2023.

Longlegs will beryllium released successful theaters connected July 12, 2024.

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