Can you buy NFL Sunday Ticket on a TV? Yes, no, and sort of

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NFL Sunday Ticket connected Google TV.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

It’s reliable to deed a YouTube spot lately without moving into a elephantine banner for NFL Sunday Ticket. And for bully logic — nan only (legal) work that lets you watch each nan Sunday NFL games has moved from DirecTV to YouTube and YouTube TV. And that intends that NFL Sunday Ticket is disposable to a batch much people. Like, each of them.

That’s a bully thing. The expertise to watch what you want connected immoderate hardware you person is important. But there’s a funny small fluke erstwhile it comes to really you bargain NFL Sunday Ticket. Depending connected nan level you’re on, you mightiness not really beryllium capable to acquisition NFL Sunday Ticket. At slightest not without taking a fewer other steps.

First, immoderate context. NFL Sunday Ticket is simply a subscription that lets you watch each out-of-market Sunday NFL games. (Thus nan name.) It doesn’t screen games connected Thursdays aliases Mondays. Just Sunday. And it’s now connected YouTube TV, and connected YouTube due via thing called “YouTube Primetime Channels,” which fundamentally is conscionable a subscription system wrong YouTube itself.

There’s besides NFL RedZone, which adds a mates of bucks to nan already not-inexpensive NFL Sunday Ticket subscription but lets you watch unrecorded scoring plays arsenic they’re (maybe) astir to happen.)

And that’s each disposable anyplace you tin watch YouTube aliases YouTube TV, which is conscionable astir anywhere. But precisely really you’re going to subscribe is simply a small tricky.

Pro tip

Let’s conscionable trim to nan chase: If you cognize you want to bargain NFL Sunday Ticket, it’s easiest to do truthful from a web browser. Phone browsers, desktop browsers — either useful good and saves you a measurement aliases 2 complete trying to do each this from a TV.

  • If you’re subscribing via YouTube TV, you’ll request to caput into your relationship settings successful a web browser. Here’s a useful link. Then conscionable click done to get nan occupation done.
  • If you’re subscribing via YouTube, you’ll request to caput to nan YouTube NFL channel and subscribe from there. Or you tin effort going to, which should return you consecutive to nan NFL Sunday Ticket costs options.

Note that you request to beryllium successful nan U.S. for these things to activity astatine each successful nan first place.

What astir YouTube connected different platforms?

OK. But what astir if you’re conscionable rocking Roku aliases Amazon Fire TV — nan 2 biggest streaming platforms? Or possibly Apple TV aliases thing else. You should still beryllium capable to watch NFL Sunday Ticket conscionable fine. It’s conscionable that subscribing gets a small weird.

The subscription surface for NFL Sunday Ticket connected Roku and Amazon Fire TV.The subscription surface for NFL Sunday Ticket connected Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

If you sojourn nan NFL transmission connected YouTube connected Roku and Amazon Fire TV, you’ll beryllium directed to scan a QR codification aliases sojourn a website from a telephone aliases machine — nan 2 things we conscionable explained above. In different words, you can’t subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket straight connected Roku aliases connected Amazon Fire TV.

That’s a small annoying fixed nan size of nan NFL Sunday Ticket promotions connected those platforms, but it’s not insurmountable. You’d deliberation that successful 2023, you’d conscionable beryllium capable to bargain nan things you want connected immoderate level you’re using. But that’s not nan world we unrecorded successful — astatine slightest not arsenic agelong arsenic nan platforms themselves return a beautiful large trim of immoderate purchases made connected them. So successful bid for Google to debar paying Roku aliases Amazon, you’re forced to subscribe connected a telephone aliases machine instead.

A surface connected Apple TV that says "Can't acquisition connected this device. Visit nan YouTube Help Center to study more. Once purchased, you tin watch connected a supported device."Apple TV doesn’t moreover springiness users nan courtesy of pointing them to a measurement to subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

It’s moreover a small much weird connected Apple TV. Hit nan subscribe fastener there, and you’ll get a small connection that says “Can’t acquisition connected this device. Visit nan YouTube Help Center to study more. Once purchased, you tin watch connected a supported device.” That’s wholly unhelpful and I can’t determine whether to beryllium made astatine Google aliases Apple.

Your mileage whitethorn alteration connected different platforms.

The bargain surface for NFL Sunday Ticket successful YouTube TV connected Google TV.YouTube TV connected Google TV aliases Android TV really lets you subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket successful nan app. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Speaking of Google, nan only TV-based level connected which you tin really subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket is Google TV. Or Android TV. Or both, because they’re nan aforesaid thing. Only not really. (Somedays this occupation will thrust you a small crazy.) Hit nan subscribe fastener location — connected YouTube aliases YouTube TV — and it useful precisely really you deliberation it should. Why? Google doesn’t person to salary itself a level tax.

What’s nan large deal?

If you’ve gotten this acold and you’re trying to fig retired what nan large woody is, it’s this: There’s a large “Subscribe!” fastener connected each of nan platforms. But for astir of them, hitting it doesn’t really fto you subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket. That’s bad because it doesn’t do what you deliberation it should do. It’s bad for you arsenic a consumer. It’s bad for NFL Sunday Ticket. And it’s bad that we each benignant of person to conscionable put up pinch it because location isn’t a awesome solution that doesn’t impact personification giving up immoderate money somewhere.

Really, nan only point to do is conscionable subscribe via a web browser, and watch successful immoderate app — connected immoderate level — you want.

That’s possibly not really things should activity successful 2023 and beyond. But don’t look for them to alteration anytime soon.

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