Can you watch the Super Bowl on Amazon Prime in 2024?

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Noah McGraw

By Noah McGraw February 11, 2024 5:00AM

It’s almost clip for Super Bowl LVIII! Watching nan Super Bowl isn’t rather arsenic easy arsenic flicking connected your antenna TV anymore (although you tin still entree it pinch a digital antenna). In nan era of streaming, we person to play “hunt for nan Super Bowl” successful bid to fig retired which work it’s on. Amazon Prime subscribers evidently dream they tin watch it done a work they already salary for. The reply is simply a spot much analyzable than that. But don’t interest — Amazon Prime subscribers do person a measurement to watch Super Bowl LVIII for free from nan Amazon Prime app.

Can you watch nan Super Bowl connected Amazon Prime?

Yes, you tin watch nan Super Bowl connected Amazon Prime, but there’s a small much to it than you mightiness think. Just having an Amazon Prime Video subscription isn’t enough. You’ll request to bargain a subscription to Paramount+, which you tin acquisition done Amazon Prime by clicking nan fastener below. Fortunately location is simply a Paramount+ free trial that you tin entree done Amazon Prime. It gets you 7 days of Paramount+ for free, pinch entree to nan Super Bowl. Once you person a subscription, you tin entree each of nan Paramount+ contented done nan Amazon Prime app. Ultimately, it’s nan aforesaid arsenic buying nan subscription consecutive done Paramount+. If you already person a Paramount+ subscription, you tin link it to your Amazon Prime relationship if you for illustration to watch each of your streaming contented connected 1 app.

This small other measurement is required because Amazon doesn’t person nonstop entree to nan CBS unrecorded stream. Paramount+ is nan location to everything CBS, including shows for illustration NCIS, nightly nationalist news, and original streaming programs for illustration Halo and Picard — and of people nationally broadcast sports events for illustration Super Bowl LVIII.

How to watch nan Super Bowl connected Amazon Prime from anywhere

The NordVPN logo connected a purple background.NordVPN

If you’re not successful nan U.S. correct now, nan streaming authorities for nan Super Bowl whitethorn beryllium moreover much analyzable than conscionable getting Paramount+ done Amazon Prime. International streaming authorities are a nightmare for sports fans. Thankfully location is simply a elemental instrumentality you tin usage to skip each of nan delirium and watercourse nan conflict for illustration you’re correct successful Vegas. Just drawback 1 of nan best VPNs, link to a server successful nan U.S., past travel nan steps supra to watercourse Paramount+ done Amazon Prime. Your machine won’t cognize which state you’re in.

We urge NordVPN for astir everything, including world streaming. NordVPN is simple, effective, and almost ever connected sale. There’s a VPN deal correct now that gets you 51% off, bringing nan value to $4 per period erstwhile you perpetrate to a two-year plan. Heck, there’s a NordVPN server correct successful Los Angeles, California, conscionable 200 miles from Vegas!

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Can you watch nan Super Bowl connected ESPN Plus successful 2024?

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Super Bowl LVIII is tomorrow, truthful you should already beryllium reasoning astir nan streaming work that you'll usage to watch nan large game. ESPN is 1 of nan astir celebrated sports networks, truthful if you're a subscriber of its ESPN Plus streaming service, will you beryllium capable to watch Super Bowl LVIII? Read connected to find out, arsenic good arsenic to get tips connected really to make nan Super Bowl LVIII acquisition moreover amended for you while you enactment successful nan comfortableness of your ain home.
Can you watch nan Super Bowl connected ESPN Plus?
The last section of NFL Matchup for nan NFL's 2023-2024 season, which will preview nan title crippled betwixt nan Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, will beryllium disposable connected ESPN Plus. Unfortunately, it's not ESPN's move this twelvemonth for broadcasting authorities to Super Bowl LVIII, arsenic that grant goes to CBS and its Paramount Plus streaming service. However, if your ESPN Plus subscription is portion of nan larger woody that includes Disney Plus and Hulu pinch Live TV, you tin watch Super Bowl LVIII done CBS aliases Nickelodeon connected Hulu pinch Live TV. CBS will aerial nan accepted broadcast of nan large game, while Nickelodeon will connection a family-friendly version, complete pinch slime.

This doesn't mean that you should ditch your ESPN Plus subscription though. The work gives you ESPN Insider contented from, arsenic good arsenic entree to definite games from nan NFL, NBA, and MLB. ESPN besides holds nan exclusive authorities to UFC pay-per-views, truthful ESPN Plus will beryllium nan only spot wherever you'll beryllium capable to watercourse them, but astatine an further costs per PPV.

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This is 1 you don't want to miss. Kickoff is astir to start, astatine 12:30 p.m. ET, and will beryllium broadcast connected some ESPN+ (English aliases Spanish broadcast) and ESPN Deportes (Spanish) successful nan United States. That gives america tons of unrecorded watercourse options, including immoderate ways to watch Real Madrid vs Girona for free.
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The lucifer is astir to start, astatine 12:00 p.m. ET, and will watercourse exclusively connected Paramount+. But conscionable because it's exclusive to Paramount+ doesn't mean location aren't aggregate ways to watch a unrecorded stream. In fact, we person 3 different options for watching Roma vs Inter for free.
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