Can you watch the Super Bowl on Paramount Plus in 2024?

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Are you fresh for Super Bowl LVIII? For those who won’t beryllium going to Allegiant Stadium successful Las Vegas to watch nan Kansas City Chiefs and nan San Francisco 49ers conflict it retired for nan NFL championship, nan bully news is that you tin watch nan large crippled from nan comfortableness of your ain home.

Paramount Plus is 1 of nan astir celebrated streaming services successful nan marketplace correct now, but will it fto you watch nan Super Bowl? Read connected to find out, including our recommendations connected elevating your Super Bowl LVIII acquisition — moreover if you’re overseas for nan weekend.

Can you watch nan Super Bowl connected Paramount Plus?

The short answer: yes. You’ll beryllium capable to watch Super Bowl LVIII pinch a Paramount Plus subscription, including nan highly-anticipated Super Bowl 2024 halftime show headlined by Usher, and each of nan commercials. Just log connected to nan work earlier nan large crippled starts connected Feb. 11, 6:30 p.m. ET, and get fresh to cheer for your favourite squad and players. It’s highly recommended that you person a backup net relationship ready, conscionable successful lawsuit your main relationship lags successful nan mediate of nan game.

If you haven’t subscribed to Paramount Plus yet, you tin salary for either an ad-supported subscription astatine $6 per month, aliases a premium ad-free subscription astatine $12 per month. If you don’t want to perpetrate beyond Super Bowl 2024, that’s good excessively — Paramount Plus offers a one-week free trial, truthful you tin watch nan NFL title lucifer and get a fewer much days to research nan work earlier signing up.

Beyond Super Bowl LVIII, Paramount Plus is simply a decent work for NFL fans because you’ll beryllium capable to watch location games that are disposable from your section CBS affiliate. The ad-supported tier only streams nan existent crippled though — you’ll person to motion up for nan premium tier if you want post-game content. The different type of shot is besides disposable connected Paramount Plus. imcluding nan UEFA Champions League.

How to watch nan Super Bowl connected Paramount Plus from anywhere

If you conscionable truthful happened to beryllium connected a travel overseas during Super Bowl LVIII, don’t interest because you’ll still beryllium capable to watch nan large crippled connected Paramount Plus. You’ll person to motion up for a VPN though, because successful summation to preventing immoderate shape of search connected your online activity, 1 of nan main purposes of nan package is to make your instrumentality deliberation that it’s backmost location successful nan US, alternatively of wherever you are successful nan world.

If you don’t person a VPN yet, it’s highly recommended that you motion up for a NordVPN free trial. It’s not free per se, arsenic you’ll person to salary for nan subscription — nan modular subscription goes for $13 per period connected a monthly scheme — but you tin petition for a refund wrong NordVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee. With a free proceedings from Paramount Plus and a money-back guarantee from NordVPN, you tin watch Super Bowl LVIII from anyplace successful nan world, technically for free.

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