Canon MegaTank Pixma G3270 review: a home printer done right

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Canon's MegaTank Pixma G3270 is easy to setup and use.

Canon MegaTank Pixma G3270

MSRP $229.99

“Canon's MegaTank Pixma G3270 is priced right, has debased ink costs, and produces awesome photograph prints.”


  • Good borderless photograph prints
  • Accurate colors and bully detail
  • Large ink tanks past a agelong time
  • Great value
  • Minimal ink costs


  • Slow archive scanning and printing
  • Display sheet isn't adjustable

Canon gave its MegaTank Pixma G3270 nan features you want from a location printer astatine a amazingly debased cost. In fact, it’s nan slightest costly vessel printer I’ve reviewed.

Affordability is great, but you mightiness presume location are immoderate compromises successful position of reliability, quality, aliases speed. But this exemplary balances those features remarkably well. It mightiness not beryllium perfect, but arsenic a location printer solution, nan Pixma G3270 is among nan best printers you tin buy.


The Canon MegaTank Pixma G3270 looks bully successful black.The Canon MegaTank Pixma G3270 looks bully successful black. Alan Truly / Digital Trends

Canon’s MegaTank Pixma G3270 is simply a compact printer that comes successful achromatic aliases white, and that’s a bully action for a location printer. I tested nan achromatic colour and it contrasts nicely pinch my off-white printer stand.

It measures 16.4 inches wide and 13.3 inches deep, and stands conscionable 7 inches gangly pinch each trays closed. After adding paper, a loaded rear insubstantial tray increases nan tallness to 12 inches. With pages successful nan output bin, I needed astir 22 inches of depth. The MegaTank Pixma G3270 is easy to move around, weighing only 13.2 pounds. The insubstantial tray holds up to 100 sheets aliases 20 4×6 photograph cards.

Canon gave bully attraction to item and astir adjustments are intelligibly marked. There are immoderate cost-cutting specifications evident successful nan power panel. The 1.4-inch monochrome show isn’t adjustable and is angled for seated viewing. I usually guidelines successful beforehand of nan printer, truthful I had to crook to spot nan screen. It’s not a touchscreen, but nan ample color-coded and branded buttons make cognition easy.

Since this is simply a vessel printer, I tin spot ink levels astatine a glance. The achromatic vessel is connected nan left, pinch cyan, magenta, and yellowish connected nan right. The ink colour doesn’t show through, but nan ink appears darker than nan quiet tank.

Printing performance

MegaTank Pixma G3270 photograph prints connected glossy insubstantial look great.MegaTank Pixma G3270 photograph prints connected glossy insubstantial look great. Photo by Tracey Truly / Digital Trends

Despite nan debased value of nan MegaTank Pixma G3270, Canon didn’t sacrifice people quality. Most photograph prints connected glossy insubstantial look awesome pinch nary tinkering. Photo matte insubstantial besides produces bully results. In a fewer cases, pictures request a spot much contrast, but colors are meticulous pinch a mild bias toward warmness.

A full-page borderless people takes astir a infinitesimal to print, which is amazingly accelerated for a comparatively slow archive printer. Canon’s estimate of 11 achromatic and six colour pages per infinitesimal matches my experience.

Documents look crisp and bully connected plain paper. Printing pictures connected modular insubstantial yields washed-out images, but if I instrumentality nan printer by selecting photograph matte paper, it does a respectable occupation moreover connected plain paper. I’ve tried this deception pinch different printers, but it tin origin smearing from excessively overmuch ink, but it worked good connected nan MegaTank Pixma G3270.

For nan champion plain insubstantial pictures, I’d urge Canon’s much costly MegaTank Maxify GX2020. For maximum photograph quality, you should see a printer designed specifically for nan intent for illustration nan six-color Epson EcoTank ET-8500.

Special features

The Canon MegaTank Pixma G3270's scanner is slow but has bully quality.The Canon MegaTank Pixma G3270’s scanner is slow, but has bully quality. Photo by Tracey Truly / Digital Trends

The Canon MegaTank Pixma G3270 isn’t meant to beryllium a business printer. There’s nary duplex scanning aliases automatic archive feeder. It can’t grip double-sided copies aliases duplex printing to minimize insubstantial usage erstwhile printing agelong reports. If those features are important, you should cheque retired our guideline to nan champion all-in-one printers, which are optimized for that type of workflow.

The MegaTank Pixma G3270 includes a bully quality, but slow flatbed scanner. I assistance nan lid, put successful a page aliases respective photos, and get nan convenience of scanning aliases making copies astatine home, redeeming a travel to nan section room aliases agency store.

Scans and copies look good, pinch existent colour and move range. Three ample buttons connected nan power sheet make it simple. One pat connected OK selects nan default transcript option, and a 2nd pat starts a Black aliases Color copy.

The MegaTank Pixma G3270 scans astatine up to 600 dpi from a computer, but only offers 300 dpi from nan mobile app. That’s a communal title among astir printer brands. If mobile scanning is important, cheque retired Epson’s EcoTank ET-2800, an inkjet tank that supports 600 dpi scanning from your phone.

Software and compatibility

Using nan MegaTank Pixma G3270's nexus fastener to link to my iPhone.I utilized nan MegaTank Pixma G3270’s nexus fastener to link to my iPhone. Photo by Tracey Truly / Digital Trends

The MegaTank Pixma G3270 is compatible pinch Windows, macOS, iPhone, Android, and ChromeOS. Installation is easy utilizing a three-step speedy commencement guide.

After inserting 1 achromatic and 1 tri-color printhead, I filled nan tanks pinch nan included afloat ink bottles. That took only a mates of minutes and nan printer’s show guided maine done nan process.

The printer needed six minutes to complaint nan system, truthful I downloaded nan Canon Print mobile app and tidied my unboxing area while I waited. The adjacent measurement is connecting to Wi-Fi, and nan MegaTank Pixma G3270’s convenient nexus fastener connected my telephone to nan printer pinch nary issue.

Everything useful arsenic expected from a computer. If you want to scan, it’s champion to download Canon’s package to get nan champion quality. The Canon Print mobile app is disposable for iPhone and Android and it useful good for astir each need.

The only rumor was printing envelopes from nan mobile app. An easy workaround is to usage AirPrint from nan iPhone’s Files app.

The value is right

Canon's MegaTank Pixma G3270 includes capable ink for thousands of documents and photos.Canon’s MegaTank Pixma G3270 includes capable ink for thousands of documents and photos. Alan Truly / Digital Trends

The Canon MegaTank Pixma G3270 is simply a high-quality inkjet vessel printer that retails for $230. It’s often connected waste for $150, which is an unthinkable bargain.

Like different vessel printers, ink costs are minimal and nan ink supplies are generous. Canon estimates nan MegaTank Pixma G3270 tin people 6,000 achromatic and 7,700 colour documents pinch afloat tanks. It ships pinch afloat bottles of black, cyan, magenta, and yellow, truthful you won’t request to interest astir ink for good complete a year.

When ink yet does tally low, colour ink costs $13 per vessel and achromatic ink is $18 per bottle. The costs per page useful retired to three-tenths of a cent for black-and-white and five-tenths of a cent for each colour document.

Paper costs is nan only information erstwhile printing ample batches of photos aliases agelong documents.

Is this nan printer for you?

The Canon MegaTank Pixma G3270 is simply a awesome printer for location use. There were nary awesome flaws during setup aliases operation. I utilized AirPrint to bypass nan only package issue, which concerned mobile printing of envelopes.

The only existent concerns mightiness beryllium for productivity. The MegaTank Pixma G3270 isn’t fast, truthful if you request to blast done agelong documents, you mightiness want to cheque retired the champion laser printers that excel astatine speed for agency use.

There’s nary duplex scanning, different characteristic that immoderate businesses require. You astir apt won’t miss this if you’re considering buying nan MegaTank Pixma G3270 arsenic a location printer. It’s a awesome solution for casual usage and tin service location agency needs if you aren’t successful a rush.

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