ChatGPT? Sure, I've heard it. But is AI coming for my job?

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What a quality a twelvemonth makes. Analysts astatine Jefferies person tally a study showing that astir each US agency workers person heard of ChatGPT - up from conscionable complete half a twelvemonth agone - yet nan flipside is that immoderate now fearfulness automation is coming for their jobs.

According to nan report, 89 percent of full-time agency workers person heard of ChatGPT, and 74 percent person utilized it. While this is bully news for AI devs, nan figures besides person a darker side: aft utilizing nan tech, immoderate workers realized that automation could frighten their employment.

Nearly half (47 percent) of workers worried that AI could switch their role, a important summation from nan 29 percent pinch akin concerns successful February 2023. The study observed: "Notably, nan fearfulness of AI automation continues to summation arsenic much consumers person utilized ChatGPT complete time."

In-office workers were besides importantly much worried than distant workers – 81 percent of agency workers were jumpy astir nan imaginable of AI taking their roles, compared to 12 percent of hybrid workers and conscionable 7 percent of afloat distant workers.

But what to do? According to Jefferies, 82 percent of workers would look to adhd caller skills to woody pinch a nonaccomplishment of employment owed to automation. Slightly much (29 percent) would for illustration to usage an online level specified arsenic Udemy than spell down nan assemblage way (24 percent.) 17 percent hoped that their employer would supply immoderate soul learning resource.

There was, however, fantabulous news for Microsoft and its AI tech elephantine rivals. 71 percent of full-time agency workers successful nan US would beryllium consenting to salary for ChatGPT, according to nan report, up from 59 percent successful October 2023. That said, nan percent consenting to salary nan benignant of money Microsoft and Google are asking remains debased astatine only six percent fresh to salary $31 aliases much per month, a doubling from nan 3 percent of 2023.

The percent of respondents who didn't deliberation ChatGPT was worthy paying for besides dropped, down to 29 percent successful January 2024 from 41 percent successful October 2023. Although Jefferies made overmuch of nan summation successful nan $31+ bracket, nan biggest percent jump was successful respondents consenting to salary betwixt $11 - $15 per period – up to 16 percent from 7 percent.

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Overall, users understand that AI devices don't travel for free, but galore are not presently consenting to salary nan prices demanded by nan tech giants.

Jefferies' study comes amid reports that enthusiasm for automation elsewhere successful nan US system is opening to wane. Approximately a 3rd less robots were ordered by North American companies successful 2023 arsenic worries (including concerns astir nan economy) led immoderate to put disconnected purchases, nan first driblet seen successful 5 years. That said, a terrible labour shortage during nan COVID-19 pandemic had resulted successful immoderate bumper years for automation manufacturers.

As AI automation continues to beryllium pushed by overmuch of nan package industry, nan acquisition of robotic automation vendors should beryllium noted, peculiarly regarding costs and nan willingness of enterprises and consumers to pay. ®