Check if you're in Google Chrome's third-party cookie phaseout test

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Google Chrome

Google has started testing nan phasing retired of third-party cookies connected Chrome, affecting astir 1% of its users aliases astir 30 cardinal people. Learn really to cheque if you are portion of nan first test.

Third-party cookies, which way users' browsing habits crossed different websites for targeted advertising, are slow being replaced by Google's Privacy Sandbox APIs. This caller method intends to let personalized ads based connected users' interests without compromising their privacy.

Firefox and Safari person already eliminated default entree to these cookies, pinch Google expecting to travel suit by adopting a much unafraid method. The tech elephantine is aiming for interoperability crossed different browsers while maintaining precocious privateness and information standards.

The displacement distant from third-party cookies marks a important alteration successful online advertising, requiring advertisers to accommodate to caller privacy-preserving technologies. Google is actively moving pinch web developers to create solutions that protect personification privateness while ensuring nan web remains move and accessible.

Based connected nan trial results and whether it causes important issues pinch nan displaying of websites, Google will statesman to gradually shape retired third-party cookies for nan remainder of its users starting successful nan 3rd 4th of 2024.

How to place if you're successful nan 1 percent bracket

Google Chrome users who are added to nan third-party cooky deprecation tests will not beryllium notified. However, Google has shared accusation successful a support document on really to cheque if you are portion of nan test.

You tin usage 1 of nan pursuing 4 methods to cheque if you are portion of nan 'Third-party cookies restricted by default' test:

1. Look for nan "Eye" Icon successful nan Address Bar

When you sojourn a website that tries to entree third-party cookies, Chrome will show an "eye" icon successful nan reside bar.

Chrome reside bar

This icon indicates that nan tract is attempting to usage third-party cookies and that Chrome is restricting this entree arsenic portion of its caller Tracking Protection feature.

2. Tracking Protection Dialog

By clicking connected nan "eye" icon, you'll unfastened a dialog that provides much accusation astir Tracking Protection.

Chrome Protection

This characteristic limits cross-site search by blocking third-party cookies by default. If you wish, you tin temporarily let third-party cookies for nan tract you're presently connected by toggling nan support successful this dialog, which will beryllium granted for 90 days.

3. Chrome DevTools Alerts

For users not included successful nan 1% aliases those who haven’t manually blocked third-party cookies via Chrome settings, Chrome DevTools will show warnings astir imaginable cross-site cooky issues.

Chrome Dev Tools

However, for those wrong nan 1% testing group, DevTools will show errors indicating that reference and mounting third-party cookies person been blocked.

4. Settings Changes

Users successful nan 1% group will find that their Chrome settings person been updated to see a caller chrome://settings/trackingProtection page, replacing nan erstwhile chrome://settings/cookies panel.

Chrome Protection

This caller Tracking Protection settings sheet signifies that your browser is portion of nan group pinch restricted third-party cooky access.

These indicators will thief you understand whether your Chrome browser is portion of Google's first testing shape for phasing retired third-party cookies.

If you are not portion of nan trial but want to subordinate it manually, you tin alteration search protection by going to chrome://flags successful nan reside barroom and turning connected an experimental emblem titled "Test Third Party Cookie Phaseout." When prompted, relaunch nan browser for nan mounting to spell into effect.