Cinnamon and KDE sync version numbers in desktop sibling rivalry

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Two of the best accepted "traditional" – apprehend Windows-like – desktops happened to acreage the aforementioned adaptation cardinal at once.

The overlap is aloof a coincidence, and the two projects accept differing approaches to versioning. Cinnamon is abundant younger: the activity began in 2011, based on GNOME 3.2.1. KDE, on the added hand, is 14 years older: the first beta was in 1997, authoritative it one of the oldest accessible antecedent desktops. It's not based on any added desktop's code, but it uses the Qt toolkit, whose aboriginal release, 0.90, was aloof two years earlier.

Cinnamon 6.0 is the latest adaptation of Linux Mint's centralized desktop, which is based on GNOME but adapted to accommodate a added familiar, Windows-like experience. Linux Mint maintainer Clement Lefebvre appear two abstracted versions yesterday, one for Mint 21 and addition for LMDE 6.

The new desktop should appear in Linux Mint 21.3, which is accepted afore the anniversary season, as we covered in October. However, now that the antecedent is available, we apprehend it will be best up by several rolling-release distros afore then, such as Arch Linux and openSUSE Tumbleweed.

The big-ticket new affection in Cinnamon 6 is beginning abutment for Wayland, which will be an advantage on the login screen. The Wayland affair is not yet feature-complete, and Lefevbre warned that it ability be unstable. There's a public Trello board in which the analytical can clue how far the aggregation has got. At the time of writing, there are 11 items beneath TODO and 12 beneath PROBLEMS, which agency they outnumber the two columns for things that work, but it's accepting there.

Wayland isn't the alone change, though, as the 180-line changelog suggests. This is the aboriginal absolution back Cinnamon 5.8.4, and best of the listed changes are bug fixes and corrective improvements, such as absorption or wrapping argument labels, application ambivalent to advance the affectation of gradients, and added things to advance how the ambiance looks. There are changes to the complete and ability applets, and bigger action handling. Generation and administration of book thumbnails has been improved, including creating them for AVIF angel files. No big-bang new appearance are listed, and the above adaptation cardinal mainly seems to denote the new abutment for a altered affectation server.

KDE 6.0 is not yet finished. What the aggregation has aloof appear is beta 1 of the new version, and a final adaptation is accepted about February abutting year. The new above adaptation reflects that the basal programming toolkit of Qt has been upgraded. The antecedent point-release was KDE Plasma 5.27 aback in February, which acclimated Qt 5.15. The snag is that's now out of accepted support, and the KDE developers charge for now maintain a adaptation themselves, alleged the KDE Qt5 Patch Collection.

The alpha adaptation of KDE 6 appeared beforehand this month, and as the aggregation said then:

With Qt 5 now at the end of its life, apparently the best acclaimed Qt-based software activity charge up stakes and move in the aforementioned administration that the Qt Group is heading. Qt 6.0 came out in 2020 and it's now up to version 6.6, which is what the new KDE uses.

  • Wayland takes the caster as Red Hat bids adieu to
  • Microsoft opens sources ThreadX beneath MIT license
  • Data-destroying birthmark begin afterwards OpenZFS 2.2.0 release
  • FFmpeg 6.1 drops a Heaviside dosage of codec magic

KDE amid several altered sub-projects: there's the accustomed desktop environment, KDE Plasma, but there are additionally the KDE Frameworks cross-platform app development libraries, and the ample accumulating of KDE apps, collectively alleged KDE Gear. These use a year-based versioning arrangement rather than a distinct adaptation number, but they are all affective to Qt 6 too. Currently some are accumulated as KDE Gear 24.02, and others numbered 24.01.80.

The best accustomed face of KDE is the Plasma desktop, and adaptation 6 will accept arresting changes, some of which developer Nate Graham declared some months ago. By default, book and binder icons will now absence to aperture on a double-click, rather than the Windows 98 Active Desktop single-click that's been the absence for abounding years. This accurate vulture has awful single-click-to-open back it appeared 25 years ago, so that's a acceptable change. The desktop console (i.e. the taskbar) will float by default, as aboriginal seen in Plasma 5.25, which is controllable but distinctive. The alt-tab task-switcher will absence to a multi-line filigree arrangement, and some added options are actuality removed.

The big change, though, is that Plasma 6 will be Wayland-based by default, although X11 will still be an advantage for those who charge it for accurate configs, drivers, or added reasons. The KDE 6 circuit of Fedora is planning to bead altogether, but added distros will acceptable accumulate it about for a while longer.

If you appetite to try out the new desktop already, grab the Testing Edition of KDE Neon, the advertise distro started by former Kubuntu advance Jonathan Riddell. KDE Neon matches up the latest Plasma desktop with the latest Ubuntu LTS version, but the Testing Edition throws in amateurish and work-in-progress builds as well, including beta releases.

Ubuntu's anchored six-monthly absolution aeon generally led to Kubuntu activity out of accompany with KDE Plasma releases, and we've written about afterlight Kubuntu's KDE before. It's not abandoned in this: Lubuntu has agnate issues. Kubuntu's woes ability be somewhat alleviated in the lifetime of KDE 6, though, because the activity plans to move to a semi-annual absolution cycle. ®