Clippy-like AI at forefront of Windows update previews

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Microsoft has rolled retired updates for Windows 10 and 11 successful nan shape of KB5031445 and KB5031455, respectively, which hole bugs successful some and move connected caller features successful nan latter.

The update previews see respective bug fixes, including representation leaks successful ctfmon.exe and TextInputHost.exe, and correspond a preview of nan non-security changes owed to deed connected November's Patch Tuesday.

Unsurprisingly, location is small by measurement of caller functionality successful nan Windows 10 22H2 KB5031445 update. As good arsenic nan issues described above, nan update besides deals pinch v4 people driver problems, an Outlook frost erstwhile attempting to people to an Internet Printing Protocol printer, and web issues erstwhile a 2nd web paper is added.

Microsoft besides highlighted addressing issues that affected touchscreens erstwhile much than 1 show was attached.

However, nan Windows 11 22H2 KB5031455 update was considerably beefier. As good arsenic nan fixes applied to its predecessor, nan update besides switched connected nan caller functionality of Moment 4.

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Or, arsenic a cynic mightiness put it, an effort to ram AI down nan throats of Windows users.

Unsurprisingly, considering Microsoft's stake connected AI, nan preview of Copilot comes apical of nan database of highlights. Other changes successful Moment 4 see AI features successful Microsoft Paint and Photos, a backup application, support for much archive formats, and yet much tweaks to nan seasoned Notepad applications successful position of autosaving.

You'd beryllium correct if you thought this each looked very acquainted and 23H2-like. Windows 11 23H2 has yet to formally appear, but nan updates first turned up successful September for users who sought them out. Today's update is disposable to each Windows 11 22H2 users opting to person nan preview. It will past get arsenic portion of November's Patch Tuesday.

The KB5031455 update for Windows 11 is simply a reminder that nan aged days of important caller features turning up pinch awesome operating strategy releases are gone. Microsoft tin now sling retired features arsenic and erstwhile they are available, moreover if immoderate mightiness beryllium considered an early transportation of what was owed successful Windows 11 23H2. ®