Clorox says cyberattack caused $49 million in expenses

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Clorox products connected a shelf

Clorox has confirmed that a September 2023 cyberattack has truthful acold costs nan institution $49 cardinal successful expenses related to nan consequence to nan incident.

Clorox is an American shaper of user and master cleaning products pinch 8,700 labor and almost $7.5 cardinal successful gross for 2023.

On August 11th, Clorox suffered a cyberattack that caused important disruption successful nan company's operation, leading to lowered production and decreased readiness of user products.

In an net study revenge pinch nan SEC connected Thursday, Clorox disclosed it incurred $49 cardinal successful expenses related to nan cyberattack by nan extremity of 2023.

"The costs incurred subordinate chiefly to third-party consulting services, including IT betterment and forensic experts and different master services incurred to analyse and remediate nan attack, arsenic good arsenic incremental operating costs incurred from nan resulting disruption to nan Company's business operations," sounds the Clorox 2024 Q2 Quarterly report.

The institution has acknowledged that they are still moving to retrieve from nan onslaught but expects to incur lessening costs related to nan cyberattack successful nan future.

"Our 2nd 4th results bespeak beardown execution connected our betterment scheme from nan August cyberattack," said Clorox Chair and CEO Linda Rendle successful an 8-K filing.

"We are rebuilding retailer inventories up of schedule, enabling america to return to merchandising and reconstruct distribution. While location is still much activity to do, we're focused connected executing pinch excellence successful what remains a challenging situation to thrust top-line maturation and rebuild margin."

Johnson Controls International also confirmed this week that a September 2023 ransomware onslaught costs nan institution $27 cardinal successful expenses, starring to a information breach aft hackers stole firm data.

Attack linked to Scattered Spider

While Clorox has not provided galore specifications astir their attack, Bloomberg reported that it is believed to person been conducted by nan hacker corporate known as Scattered Spider.

Scattered Spider is simply a loose-knit group of threat actors, galore of them English-speaking, who specialize successful societal engineering attacks to breach a company's networks.

What makes Scattered Spider truthful different is they are besides affiliates of nan BlackCat/ALPHV ransomware gang, who usually only activity pinch Russian-speaking threat actors.

Scattered Spider has been antecedently linked to attacks on MGM, Caesars, DoorDash, and Reddit.