Closure of Windows 10 upgrade path still catching users by surprise

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Microsoft's determination to adjacent pathways allowing Windows 7 and 8 users to upgrade to Windows 10 is still catching group out, months aft nan institution took action.

Do you retrieve 2015, erstwhile Windows 10 first burst onto nan scene? Microsoft was very, very keen that users connected erstwhile versions of Windows upgraded to its latest and greatest. It nudged them toward its brave caller world, and galore customers took advantage of nan offer.

This included 1 Register reader, who upgraded a transcript of Windows 7 to Windows 10 successful 2015.

All went good until June 2023, erstwhile our scholar suffered a difficult thrust failure. It wasn't a problem – a caller transcript of Windows 10 was still a straightforward download, and nan original Windows 7 activation cardinal could still beryllium used. Our scholar did not person a Microsoft account, preferring to support things local, truthful location was nary cardinal association. But that Windows 7 cardinal was still OK, right?

Moving connected to September 2023, and Microsoft finally blocked disconnected nan Windows 7 and 8 upgrade path, rendering activation keys for those operating systems verboten. It followed this up pinch an update that near respective users experiencing issues aft utilizing their activation keys earlier nan institution pulled down nan shutters.

The problem, it appears, has not gone away. Our reader, tired of their operating strategy perpetually whining astir being incompatible pinch Windows 11, decided to activate unafraid footwear earlier this year, which appeared to trigger thing heavy wrong Windows 10.

Microsoft wants users to move to Windows 11, contempt galore of those customers continuing to instrumentality pinch erstwhile versions as of January 2024.

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The problems began aft nan connection to upgrade to Windows 11 was declined. The arena log was soon festooned pinch licence and activation errors. Windows 10 began nagging for an activation cardinal and, of course, that Windows 7 cardinal would nary longer work.

However, because our scholar runs pinch a section account, location was nary Microsoft relationship to helpfully grounds nan earlier Windows 10 activation.

They said: "Spoke to Microsoft tech support, and that was of nary usage – sounded for illustration nan feline was trying to get maine to acquisition a integer license."

It each seems a spot unfair, peculiarly considering that Windows patches will beryllium choked disconnected without activation. We said to Microsoft astir nan business but were directed to a confirmation that nan Windows 7 and 8 upgrade way had been closed and a proposal to telephone nan Windows giant's support lines.

A spokesperson said: "We person nary further accusation to stock beyond what has already been communicated. Customers experiencing method difficulties should interaction Microsoft customer support straight for assistance." ®