Coffee Meets Bagel outage caused by cybercriminals deleting data and files

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If you sewage snubbed by nan entity of your affections connected making love app Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) successful precocious August, don't consciousness bad, nan institution says its systems were down owed to cyber baddies.

The powers down nan app confirmed nan origin of nan seven-day outage yesterday, confirming anyone trying to unfastened nan app during nan "week of August 27… had nan frustrating acquisition of not being capable to motion successful aliases usage nan app."

"We wished that nan outage was nan consequence of an extracurricular character who maliciously deleted institution information and files. We quickly re-established a unafraid situation for our exertion squad to reconstruct our accumulation services and notified rule enforcement," it adds successful a FAQ document connected its website.

Access to nan work was yet restored connected September 3 aft nan "team spent days moving astir nan timepiece to rebuild our strategy from online backups truthful that daters could securely get backmost online."

Of course, location are plentifulness of replacement making love sites and this writer – who is joined – is reliably informed by different chap Reg vultures that wished daters usage much than 1 transmission to find their cleanable partner online.

We person asked nan institution astir nan constituent of introduction for nan criminals, if they demanded a ransom, if immoderate information was exfiltrated and whether soul information was beefed up successful nan aftermath of nan attack.

Further updates from CMB, which claims to person 10 cardinal users worldwide, will beryllium disclosed "as soon arsenic we've pieced everything together."

"We launched a thorough investigation, which is still ongoing, to understand nan afloat scope of nan incident and are moving to further heighten institution cybersecurity," nan FAQ says. "We're incredibly sorry for nan disruption, and we dream to make it up to caller and existing CMB Daters alike."

To effort to dress up for nan information wobble, nan institution is offering a "welcome package" that includes each of their progressive chats being extended by 7 days; subscription extended for 14 days free of charge; and 1,000 free beans (allowing nan personification to "like" aliases "pass" connected profiles) were added to accounts.

All users were signed retired arsenic a "security precaution." And for those worried they missed retired connected imaginable matches? No, you didn't, is nan connection from CMB.

"During nan outage, we stopped sending imaginable matches (also known arsenic bagels) and likes. Now that we're backmost online, you should beryllium receiving bagels and likes arsenic normal."

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Another FAQ answered is: "Will matches deliberation I ghosted them?"

"Nope! No CMB Daters were capable to entree nan tract during nan outage, truthful everyone is connected nan aforesaid page."

CMB says it does not shop costs accusation aliases information specified arsenic driving licenses, "as they are processed done third-party vendors."

The company, started by 3 sisters to springiness women a different online making love app experience, has taken successful $23 cardinal successful backing from 5 finance rounds. ®