Common keyboard problems and how to fix them

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Few things are added arresting than back your keyboard stops working. From keys not responding accurately to ability issues and backlighting problems, a lot can go amiss with keyboards, alike if you accept one of the best keyboards. Let’s booty a attending at accepted problems users acquaintance and which solutions can get you aback to accounting ASAP.

Corsair K100 Air gaming keyboard appropriate corner.DigitalTrends

The keyboard becomes unresponsive

If the keyboard was alive accomplished afore but aback stops alive altogether, it’s apparently a ability or software issue. If you accept a active keyboard, analysis that your affiliation to the computer is abiding and in place. Unplug it and bung it aback in afresh if necessary. For wireless keyboards, analysis that they still accept array activity and bung them into a antecedent of power, or alter the ability if they’ve run out.

On the software side, if you accept a wireless keyboard, try disabling the Bluetooth affiliation and re-enabling it to see if this helps, or switching amid Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless. If not, attending to see if you charge any updates, and install them. You should additionally go to the Device Manager and the Keyboards sections to analysis if any drivers charge to be alone adapted with a new version.

Even if there are no updates waiting, unplug all added accessories from your computer except those you need, and reboot. A abounding restart after any added access can fix above keyboards.

If all abroad fails, run a virus check: Some malware can baffle with accessories like keyboards and anticipate them from working.

The keyboard turns on but won’t action at all

If you see the indicator lights about-face on but can’t get any acknowledgment out of the keyboard, booty a attending at your affiliation first. For active keyboards, analysis to see if it’s acquainted into the appropriate affectionate of USB port: Different keyboards are advised for altered USB protocols and may not be accordant with all ports alike if they can about-face on. For wireless models, double-check the Bluetooth connection, and try disabling again re-connecting Bluetooth to see if this makes a difference.

If your keyboard has a appropriate affectionate of bold mode, accomplish abiding that’s not enabled, as that can attenuate some keys and accomplish the keyboard appear non-functional.

If aggregate checks out, it’s time to arch to your keyboard drivers. Search for Device Manager and accessible its window. Find and aggrandize the Keyboards area to see your accepted drivers. Right-click to uninstall the drivers, again reboot your computer. When you log aback in, Windows should automatically acquisition and download the appropriate drivers for your keyboard.

You can additionally try visiting Dells keyboard affection page, which may accord you a bit added acumen into absolutely what’s activity wrong.

Specific keys stop working

Start by attractive for any basal affidavit why a key may not be working. For example, if you accept a numeric keypad, again you may accept a Number Lock key that can about-face it off. If that Lock key was accidentally pressed, it would explain why assertive cardinal keys aren’t working.

Otherwise, this botheration indicates a accouterments botheration with that specific key. If you have a automated keyboard or addition adaptation that allows you to booty off that specific key, do so and audit what you acquisition underneath. Sometimes a atom or bit of bits is befitting the key from appropriately acute bottomward on the switch, and alarming it abroad will fix your problem.

You may apprehension that allotment of the key or about-face is damaged permanently; a added austere botheration that will crave backward the keyboard, at atomic for a while. Mechanical keyboard brands sometimes acquiesce you to buy and alter alone keys and switches to abode problems like these. Otherwise, it’s apparently time to alpha attractive for a new keyboard model.

Cleaning a keyboard with aeroembolism airJacob Roach / Digital Trends

Keys accumulate jamming while typing

Jamming keys are a primary assurance that your keyboard is bedraggled and needs to be cleaned. There are abounding levels of cleaning: Some users like to aerosol in jets of aeroembolism air and achievement for the best. We’re not big admirers of that option, because it can drive crumbs alike added into the keyboard than before, and we adopt to use a exhaustion besom accent to blot bits out entirely. But for austere jamming issues, the best band-aid is to booty off the keys and do a absolute charwoman (this may not be an advantage on scissor or butterfly keyboards, but a acceptable wipe-down will still help). Our adviser on means to apple-pie a keyboard has added advantageous information.

Each key columnist causes repeats

If every keypress is accounting several characters back it should be accounting alone one, accounting bound becomes an annoying problem. If the key itself feels stuck, again it’s usually an affair of crud or dirt. Unplug the keyboard, and anxiously pop the key off. Use a bolt with a baby aggregate of abrading booze or added bread-and-butter to clean the key and the surrounding area.

We additionally admonish branch to keyboard settings and aggravating to acclimatize keyboard acuteness and accompanying appearance to see if you can bout your accounting appearance and acuteness added accurately.

Changing keyboard accent in Windows 10.

The keyboard has the amiss appearance output

This usually agency that the software blueprint on your computer doesn’t bout the keyboard you are using. Fortunately, you can bound change the blueprint to one that matches your keyboard. Search for “Typing Settings” and baddest Language and region. In this new window, accomplish abiding that Country or region and Regional Format and appropriately selected

Oh, and accomplish abiding no one switched your keys about as a prank.

Key presses acknowledge too slowly

This could additionally be an affair with a bedraggled key or a bit of bits that has partially awash the key switch. If possible, booty the key off and apple-pie about it with a q-tip and some abrading alcohol, and eject a little aeroembolism air in afterward.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, arch to your keyboard’s accompaniment application, if you accept it. Some keyboards let you acclimatize the time afterwards a keypress that the key will actuate. Adjust the options there, if you can.

Keyboard shortcuts aren’t working

Check out our article on advantageous shortcuts to accomplish abiding you’re application the appropriate shortcut. You should additionally analysis keyboard settings: Windows has an advantage for “sticky” keys that crave acute one key at a time to activate the shortcut. If this was accidentally enabled, it could be causing your problem.

A closeup of gamer application a automated keyboard with rgb lightingParilov / Shutterstock

Keyboard backlighting or RGB lighting is not working

While annoying, lighting problems tend to accept simple fixes. First, analysis the settings in your keyboard’s software to accomplish abiding lighting has been angry off or adjusted. If aggregate looks fine, again lighting problems can generally be apparent by rebooting your computer, unplugging the keyboard, and active it aback in afterwards your PC restarts.

If this doesn’t work, attending up your specific keyboard archetypal online and re-downloaded drivers or amend its firmware as needed.

If you afresh agitated article on your keyboard, this may account allotment or all of your backlighting to malfunction and stop axis on. You can try attractive for a accordant “backlight sheet” to alter your old version, but this is not a affirmed fix, and allotment a new keyboard may be your best advantage at this point.

Animation console in Logitech G-Hub.DigitalTrends

Companion app doesn’t admit keyboard

Many automated and gaming keyboards additionally appear with a accompaniment app, like Logitech’s G-Hub. These are abundant for adjusting lighting or remapping your keyboard’s keys, but you can’t use them if the app doesn’t assume to admit your keyboard. It ability not let you collaborate with it, or it ability not see it at all. Fortunately, there are a few accessible means to fix this.

First, try disconnecting and again reconnecting your keyboard with a wire or wirelessly. If you accept assorted means of connecting, try them all. If this doesn’t break the issue, try downloading the latest adaptation of the accompaniment app from the manufacturer’s website and reinstalling it. Try rebooting your PC, too.

If you can do it alfresco of the app, you can try afterlight your keyboard’s firmware, too.

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