Could the Vision Pro replace your iPad? There’s just one problem

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Alex Blake

By Alex Blake February 12, 2024 11:29AM

The beforehand visor of nan Vision Pro connected show astatine an Apple Store.Luke Larsen / Digital Trends

In nan clip since it launched successful early February, we’ve heard a batch astir really Apple’s Vision Pro could switch immoderate of nan company’s different devices, particularly nan iPad. Now, salient leaker Mark Gurman has joined nan fray and lent weight to nan thought of nan headset becoming a tablet killer. But while that seems plausible, there’s 1 awesome problem pinch it.

Specifically, it’s nan price. Because while Gurman’s Power On newsletter makes immoderate bully points astir nan Vision Pro’s strengths, it can’t get astir nan unavoidable obstacle that is nan device’s $3,500 asking price. If nan Vision Pro really is going to switch nan iPad, a batch has to alteration first, particularly fixed really wide of a scope of prices nan iPad statement hits.

The iPad killer?

A personification sits down wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset.Apple

When comparing nan Vision Pro and nan iPad, Gurman notes that nan erstwhile “has nan imaginable to supply a acold amended acquisition for nan main jobs that Apple’s tablet was designed to handle” (although he admits “it’s still very early days”). Everything you mightiness usage an iPad for — ray work, entertainment, viewing your photos, and much — tin beryllium done much immersively and expansively connected nan Vision Pro. The 2 products screen galore of nan aforesaid bases, moreover utilizing galore of nan aforesaid apps. Meanwhile, nan Vision Pro’s “spatial computing” trump paper gives it an separator successful a awesome galore ways.

Of course, Apple would simply opportunity that it would for illustration you to bargain some products, and that there’s nary logic why 1 has to switch nan other. But nan institution is not acrophobic of cannibalizing its ain products — conscionable look astatine what happened to nan iPod aft nan iPhone arrived connected nan scene.

So, nan thought of nan Vision Pro replacing nan iPad surely seems plausible. If Apple genuinely feels that nan Vision Pro tin do everything that nan iPad can, but successful a better, much immersive way, it won’t hesitate to beforehand its headset complete its tablet. But I’m not convinced that we’re anyplace adjacent that scenario, nor that we will beryllium for a long, agelong time.

Someone utilizing Vision Pro astatine a demo successful an Apple Store.Luke Larsen / Digital Trends

The main problem is simply a very elemental one: nan price. There’s nary escaping it — nan Vision Pro is simply excessively pricey to oust nan iPad immoderate clip soon.

Think astir it this way. The Vision Pro starts astatine $3,500, marking 1 of nan highest introduction value points of immoderate merchandise Apple presently sells. At nan aforesaid time, you tin bargain a brand-new iPad for $329 — complete 90% little than nan Vision Pro. Even an perfectly maxed-out iPad Pro will group you backmost $2,399, which is still $1,100 little than nan entry-level Vision Pro. And moreover a overmuch cheaper type of nan Vision Pro is going to person this aforesaid problem.

Sure, immoderate iPad users mightiness look astatine nan Vision Pro and deliberation it does precisely what their tablet does but successful a better, deeper way. But will they deliberation it does each their important tasks 10 times better than their iPad? Or will they judge that it justifies nan tremendous financial outlay erstwhile they tin execute akin tasks for a fraction of nan value connected nan iPad? I’m skeptical astir that.

A batch has to change

A personification tries connected an Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset successful an Apple Store, pinch an Apple worker alongside them.Apple

Of course, there’s a very evident elephant successful nan room: nan cheaper Vision Pro model that Apple is supposedly moving on. Could this lick nan pricing problem and yet let nan Vision Pro to eat nan iPad’s lunch?

Well, yes and no. Right now, nan cheaper Vision Pro doesn’t look for illustration it will really beryllium very cheap, pinch rumors pegging its value anyplace from $1,500 to $2,500. That still puts it retired of scope of astir people, and nan only iPad that tin really compete for that benignant of value is nan top-end iPad Pro.

But I understand nan statement that nan Vision Pro’s value will autumn complete time. If nan headset is ever going to go a mainstream device, it has to drop. It’s not for illustration nan iPhone, a instrumentality that tin spend to person its value emergence complete nan years because it’s truthful integral to mundane life. The Vision Pro isn’t astatine that shape yet and apt won’t beryllium for a agelong clip — and its value is 1 of nan awesome factors preventing that from happening.

The Vision Pro being displayed successful an Apple Store.Luke Larsen / Digital Trends

The different large logic is nan immaturity of nan mixed-reality industry. When Apple first introduced nan Apple Watch, it gave group a instrumentality that they innately knew really to use. That’s not nan lawsuit pinch nan Vision Pro — it requires a detailed objection from Apple and a ton of individual customization.

Until nan Vision Pro becomes an mundane portion of life, Apple’s headset will ne'er beryllium capable to afloat cannibalize nan iPad. It’s conscionable excessively analyzable to entreaty to astir people, contempt Apple’s fantabulous activity successful simplifying its motion power system.

So while I tin spot nan Vision Pro yet making moves into nan iPad’s territory, a batch has to alteration betwixt now and then. Not only must nan value spell down, but we request to alteration our full narration pinch mixed-reality headsets and clasp them overmuch much fully. That’s going to return a agelong time, and it whitethorn extremity up being a early that’s near tantalizingly retired of reach.

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