Creating a seamless deep learning infrastructure

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Webinar Generative AI is simply a super-demanding improvement – nan strain it exerts connected infrastructure is huge, and that tin time off IT teams pinch moreover much than their normal regular dose of stress.

On apical of that, businesses are progressively utilizing a operation of on-premises, backstage cloud, and nationalist unreality services. For many, nan situation is really to mesh everything together and get it moving successful a measurement that offers nan flexibility, scalability, and capacity needed to unleash nan powerfulness of AI and Deep Learning.

Lambda and VAST opportunity they person a solution. The 2 companies person formed a strategical business to build a afloat work nationalist and backstage unreality stack founded connected a hybrid information level purpose-built for AI which offers besides precocious information management, analytics, and information features.

You tin perceive much by signing up to our latest webinar - Building Infrastructure for AI Applications – which will beryllium hosted by The Register's Tim Phillips connected 9 November 11 astatine 4pm GMT/11am ET/8am PT. Tim will beryllium chatting to Mitesh Agrawal, Head of Cloud and COO astatine Lambda and Jeff Denworth, Co-Founder astatine VAST Data astir why Lambda chose VAST Data to powerfulness its datacenters, and learning astir nan captious features that nan VAST Data level provides for building AI clouds and unlocking AI and Deep Learning workloads.

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