Criminal IP Becomes VirusTotal IP and URL Scan Contributor

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As cyber threats, decidedly because the ascent cardinal of ransomware attacks, become added prevalent, allotment one’s cybersecurity ecosystem is crucial. In this landscape, VirusTotal plays a cardinal role as an intelligence aegis website.

Notably, Criminal IP, a Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) chase agent developed by AI SPERA, has chip its IP abode and URL scans into VirusTotal.

Criminal IP: Expanding from IP to URL Scan Contributor

VirusTotal, one of the richest and best actionable crowdsourced blackmail intelligence suites scans files and URLs application 70+ antivirus tools, announcement all-around aegis through accord amid the industry, researchers, and users.

VirusTotal aggregates abstracts from assorted antivirus engines, website scanners, book and URL appraisal tools, and user contributions. The belvedere maintains objectivity, offers abundant results, and provides exceptional casework for organizations to enhance internet safety.

Criminal IP, a new contributor to VirusTotal, operates as an OSINT-based CTI chase engine. Powered by AI, it specializes in calmly accumulation analytical blackmail data, absorption on automatically accession the latest blackmail advice accompanying to IP and area addresses. 

Criminal IP became a VirusTotal contributor aftermost April, accouterment real-time browse abstracts for potentially awful IP addresses. Renowned for its attention in anecdotic apprehensive IPs, Criminal IP has now become a contributor to both IP and URL scanning.

VirusTotal URL Scan Results Showing Criminal IP AnalysisVirusTotal URL Scan Results Showing Criminal IP Analysis

Criminal IP’s Specialized Real-Time Threat Detection

In VirusTotal, users can browse a apprehensive IP, area or URL, and anniversary accidental AntiVirus agent flags its own aftereffect as Clean, Malicious, or Phishing based on the vendor’s algorithm.

In accession to this absolute backbiting result, for those gluttonous added advice about anniversary basic and apocryphal positives, users can appointment Criminal IP.

The URL browse feature, anew integrated, extracts a advanced ambit of data, including arrangement logs, associated IP addresses, awful links, and website vulnerabilities.

Criminal IP Domain Search users accretion acceptance to admired information, such as technology acceptance details, bribery records, and mapped CVE vulnerabilities, all calmly presented on a distinct page.

Example of Criminal IP Domain Search for Malicious URLExample of Criminal IP Domain Search for Malicious URL

This absolute chase agent provides three tailored plans: Lite, Medium, and Pro, alongside a Free membership.

To acquisition an ideal plan based on your abundance of IP Lookup and URL Scan/Lookup needs, with key appearance accouterment astute information, users can agreement with a Free associates and clue their acclaim acceptance on the dashboard.


AI SPERA launched its CTI-based chase engine, Criminal IP, in April 2023 afterwards a acknowledged year-long beta phase. The aggregation has accustomed abstruse and business partnerships with acclaimed all-around aegis firms, including PolySwarm, Splunk, Anomali, LogRhythm, Datadog, and more.

Criminal IP has afresh accomplished the accomplished all-around acquiescence and acquittal standards, PCI DSS Level 1. With the chase agent accessible in 5 altered languages (English, French, Arabic, Japanese, and Korean), it welcomes different users worldwide.

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