Crunchyroll now available on Amazon Prime Video Channels

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Crunchyroll — 1 of nan biggest streaming homes for each things anime — is now disposable connected Amazon Prime Video Channels. Or, successful different words, you tin now subscribe to it via Amazon Prime Video and person Amazon grip each nan billing.

There are a mates options that’ll get you nan latest movies and bid soon aft they’re released successful Japan. The “Fan” scheme costs $8 a period and gets you everything ad-free. There’s besides a “Mega Fan” scheme for $2 much a period that allows you to download videos for offline viewing. And Amazon says different non-video benefits will beryllium added “shortly.” It didn’t opportunity what those further benefits would be.

“Crunchyroll offers an anime escapade for each benignant of fan. From sports to romanticist comedy, scary and action to slice-of-life, moreover nan anime-curious tin get immersed successful our library,” Terry Li, executive vice president of emerging business for Crunchyroll, said successful a property release. “We look guardant to welcoming caller fans into nan anime organization done our motorboat connected Prime Video Channels.”

Amazon Prime Video Channels is nan strategy by which you tin subscribe to various networks and services via your Amazon Prime Video service. As nan sanction implies, it requires you to beryllium subscribed to Amazon Prime successful nan first place, and past subscribe separately to immoderate of nan dozens of options disposable arsenic “Channels.” Amazon handles each nan billing, conscionable arsenic if you were buying thing other from Amazon. In this case, you’re getting a world of anime, pinch much than 46,000 episodes, much than 1,300 bid and movies, and much than 24,000 hours of contented each told. Other Amazon Prime Video channels see Max, Paramount+, MGM+, PBS Kids, NBA League Pass, Britbox, and more.

“Prime Video already offers an unparalleled postulation of premium entertainment, including third-party channels, truthful customers tin bask their favourite movies and bid straight connected Prime Video,” Matt Cohen, caput of contented acquisition and partnerships for Prime Video Channels, said successful nan property release. “With nan summation of Crunchyroll to Prime Video Channels, Prime members tin now easy watercourse anime contented connected Prime Video.”

The Crunchyroll transmission launches coming successful nan U.S., Canada, Sweden, and nan U.K. Other countries will beryllium added successful 2024. Prices will alteration somewhat depending connected your location.

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