Data breach at French healthcare services firm puts millions at risk

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French healthcare services patient Viamedis suffered a cyberattack that exposed nan information of policyholders and healthcare professionals successful nan country.

Though nan company's website remains offline astatine nan clip of writing, an announcement was posted connected LinkedIn warning of nan information breach.

The information exposed successful nan onslaught includes a beneficiary's marital status, day of birth, societal information number, sanction of wellness insurer, and guarantees unfastened to third-party payment. 

The institution has clarified that nan breached systems did not shop people's banking information, postal details, telephone numbers, and email addresses.

Viamedis noticeViamedis information breach notice

For healthcare professionals, Viamedis says they will beryllium sending different notifications astir what information was exposed.

Viamedis has informed impacted wellness organizations, revenge a title pinch nan nationalist prosecutor, and notified nan authorities (CNIL, ANSSI) accordingly. Currently, nan institution continues to analyse nan effect of nan cyberattack.

Regarding nan standard of nan breach, Viamedis has not stated nan number of exposed individuals, but it is known that it manages payments for 84 healthcare organizations covering 20 cardinal insured individuals.

The firm's General Director, Christophe Cande, told Agence France-Presse (AFP) that an investigation is underway to find nan scope of nan breach.

"To date, we do not person nan number of insured individuals impacted; we are still successful nan process of investigation." - Cande (GD Viamedis)

Cande has besides clarified that nan cyberattack wasn't ransomware. Instead, he said a successful phishing onslaught connected an worker allowed nan threat character to breach its systems.

One of nan organizations moving pinch Viamedis, Malakoff Humanis, has posted a announcement connected its website confirming nan indirect effect of nan Viamedis information breach.

Malakoff's announcement bannerMalakoff's announcement banner

The institution is besides sending data breach notifications to impacted customers to pass them of nan cyberattack and disruption of services.

Their connection reiterates nan accusation disclosed successful nan Viamedis announcement and assures clients that nary banking, medical, aliases interaction specifications stored connected nan platforms person been compromised.

Malakoff Humanis says entree to personification accounts and reimbursement claims remains available. However, nan impermanent disconnection of nan Viamedis level is expected to impact nan proviso of definite healthcare services.

Other work providers utilizing Viamedis, including Carte Blanche Partenaires, Itelis, Kalixia, Santéclair, and Audiens, are expected to acquisition akin situations.

Local media successful France reported that Viamedis wasn't nan only target of nan cyberattack. Reportedly, a institution named "Almerys," which is besides a costs processor for healthcare organizations, was besides targeted.