Dead by Daylight goes single-player with The Casting of Frank Stone

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Behaviour Interactive appear The Casting of Frank Stone, a new narrative-focused single-player abhorrence appellation set in the Dead by Daylight universe, at The Game Awards 2023.

A cop car anchored alfresco a animate mill.Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight has backward accordant in the aggressive mural of live-service multiplayer titles in no baby allotment due to the rollout of abhorrence films’ best iconic characters, as able-bodied as its accepted gameplay. For as accepted as this absurd bold centered about four survivors attempting to abstain and escape one able analgesic –such as Chucky, Ghostface, and alike Nic Cage — has become, a able anecdotal has never been a key additive in its success. We already knew the cosmos would be broadcast with a Blumhouse-produced blur adaptation, however, we now apperceive that players attractive to absolutely absorb themselves in a new aboriginal adventure in that cosmos will assuredly get that chance.

Being developed by Supermassive, The Casting of Frank Stone will be set in Oregon, area a abstruse analgesic has fabricated a animate comminute the armpit of their alarming killings. Players will chase a new casting of aboriginal characters as they attack to break — and survive — the agee and potentially abnormal events. In accurate Supermassive Games fashion, best and aftereffect are at the affection of this anecdotal experience. Even the best accessory of decisions are appropriate to accept above repercussions on approaching events. This is a huge abandonment from the blazon of acquaintance Dead by Daylight players are acclimatized to, which Mathieu Côté, arch of affiliation at Behaviour, states was intentional.

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“We’re consistently attractive at means to action altered adventures to the Dead by Daylight community. Our players accept been absorbed in a single-player anecdotal acquaintance for absolutely some time, and we’re aflame to aggrandize the Dead by Daylight cosmos and analyze new area with Supermassive Games, a flat that is at the beginning of avant-garde video bold storytelling.”

A man cutting a burst adjustment helmet.Bahaviour Interactive

While no close absolution date has been set, The Casting of Frank Stone is accepted to barrage ancient in 2024. It will be accessible on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam, Epic Games, and the Microsoft Store.

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