December's Windows 11 KB5033375 update breaks Wi-Fi connectivity

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Windows 11

The KB5033375 cumulative update released during nan December 2023 Patch Tuesday causes Wi-Fi connectivity issues connected immoderate Windows 11 devices.

Besides a monolithic watercourse of personification reports connected Reddit, Twitter, and Microsoft's ain organization platform, several universities person besides issued advisories recommending students to uninstall nan KB5033375 update (and nan optional cumulative update preview KB50532288, if installed).

For instance, a University of British Columbia incident study says, "This rumor affects endeavor wireless networks (ubcsecure, ubcprivate, eduroam), but does not impact location wireless/internet usage."

Based connected customer reports, this issue impacts endeavor wireless networks pinch fast-transition/fast-roaming enabled to facilitate seamless instrumentality activity betwixt wireless entree points.

Home users who person installed KB5033375 aliases KB50532288 are yet to study experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity problems.

The effect seems confined to Windows 11 operating systems, specifically those operating connected type 22H2 aliases 23H2 characteristic releases. Windows 10 systems don't look to beryllium affected by this peculiar issue.

Currently, there's nary accusation connected whether these wireless connectivity problems widen to circumstantial models of wireless web adapters.

Temporary workaround available

As a impermanent solution, users affected by this rumor are advised to uninstall nan KB5033375 Windows 11 December cumulative update and nan related KB50532288 optional preview update (which mightiness not person been installed connected each impacted systems).

To uninstall nan buggy update, you request to spell done nan pursuing steps:

  1. Open nan Windows commencement menu, hunt for "Windows Update," past spell to Update history > Uninstall updates
  2. On nan database of installed updates, prime KB5033375 (or KB50532288), and past click nan Uninstall fastener adjacent to it.
  3. After nan update is uninstalled, restart nan computer.

Once uninstalled, you should besides usage nan 'Show aliases Hide Updates' troubleshooter to hide nan update truthful Windows Update will nary longer show it successful nan database of disposable updates.

A Microsoft spokesperson was not instantly disposable for remark erstwhile contacted by BleepingComputer earlier today.