DEF CON is canceled! No, really this time – but the show will go on

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It's an yearly meme that DEF CON infosec convention has been canceled, but this clip it really happened.

The world's largest hacking conference, held since 1993 and lately drafting successful arsenic galore arsenic 30,000 attendees, has been held successful venues owned by nan Caesars Entertainment for good complete a decade. But according to convention laminitis Jeff Moss, AKA Dark Tangent, nan edifice and casino usability unexpectedly canceled nan Con's booking pinch nary informing aliases explanation.

"We don’t cognize why Caesars canceled us," Moss wrote. "They won't opportunity beyond it being a strategy alteration and it is not related to thing that DEF CON aliases our organization has done. This benignant of no-notice cancellation of a statement is unheard of successful nan convention business. The parting is confusing, but amicable."

The determination led to a huffy scramble to find a abstraction for nan event. In nan extremity almost nan full show is moving to nan Las Vegas Conference Center, pinch immoderate workshops and training astatine nan Sahara hotel.

"DEF CON 32 will beryllium an escapade wherever we tin effort things not imaginable successful our aged Casino Hotel spaces," Moss explained. "What specifically you ask? Well we are still learning each nan specifics but we will person much space, a due nutrient court, and nan largest indoor venue LCD wall successful nan country."

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Caesars had nary remark astatine clip of publication, but this isn't nan first clip nan intermezo concatenation has crossed swords pinch nan hacker summertime campy unit – peculiarly successful caller years. In 2018 it banned a cardinal speaker from its properties aft they made a joke astir hacking connected Twitter. And information has since caused problems by searching nan rooms of privacy-minded folks who bent a do not disturb motion connected nan doorway for their visit.

Last twelvemonth location was besides a bomb scare astatine Caesar's Forum convention halfway that led to an evacuation. It whitethorn beryllium that Caesars has conscionable decided nan show is much problem than it's worth.

It's besides a truth that attendees aren't excessively celebrated pinch nan edifice chain, which offers cheapish rooms and expects to make its money backmost connected nan casino floor.

As 1 level head put it: "We dislike you guys - you enactment successful your edifice rooms and don't gamble." To which 1 of our statement responded "That's because we studied mathematics astatine school." ®