Designed to rival the iPad Pro, Samsung’s best tablet is $150 off

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A teen uses his Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra connected nan sidewalk.Samsung

There are a batch of options retired location if you’re looking to get yourself 1 of nan best tablets, but if you’re looking to drawback immoderate savings arsenic well, you should cheque retired nan Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. The celebrated tablet makes a awesome replacement to nan Apple iPad Pro and it’s marked down to $950 astatine Best Buy correct now. This is 1 of nan best tablet deals you’ll find today, arsenic nan Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra regularly costs $1,100. This woody makes for a savings of $150, and free shipping is included.

Why you should bargain nan Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

When nan Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra was first released we called it not only the king of Samsung’s tablet lineup, but besides the king of tablets. And while nan Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is now nan newest Galaxy Tab connected nan market, nan S8 Ultra is still a much than worthy option. The surface comes successful astatine 14.6 inches, which is 1 of nan larger displays you’ll find successful a tablet. It’s an immersive and responsive show that’s bully for watching each of your favourite content, aliases for creating contented of your own.

Because of nan Galaxy Tab S9=8 Ultra’s larger frame, it tin grip much soul hardware than different tablets. It has a powerful processor that tin grip desktop-level apps specified arsenic Microsoft 365. As it’s built for this deal, nan Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra comes pinch 128GB of retention space, which should beryllium plentifulness for specified apps, arsenic good arsenic for smaller media libraries. But this tablet tin beryllium utilized successful a number of ways beyond creating. It has a 4K camera arsenic good arsenic a front-facing camera for video chats and meetings. And nary matter really difficult you push it passim nan day, it gets astonishing artillery life and tin get charged backmost to 100% quickly pinch accelerated charging technology.

While nan Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra would regularly group you backmost $1,100, coming you tin drawback it for conscionable $950. This is simply a savings of $150, and a much affordable value than you’ll find amongst Apple’s iPad Pro lineup. Free shipping and in-store pickup options are included pinch a purchase.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 deals astatine Samsung

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