Did your AirPods Pro noise cancellation just get worse?

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Apple AirPods Pro 2 successful their USB-C and MagSafe case.Zeke Jones / Digital Trends

One of nan champion things astir modern devices — including headphones — is that they tin person firmware updates. And 1 of nan worst things astir modern devices is that they tin person firmware updates. And a batch of folks are claiming that the6y’re experiencing nan second aft a caller update to Apple’s AirPods Pro.

The firmware successful mobility is type 6B34, and it appears to person tweaked nan transparency and/or noise-cancellation features of nan AirPods Pro successful a measurement that appears to beryllium not truthful welcome.

We’re being a small vague present because this is reasonably subjective. It’s wholly imaginable thing changed and you haven’t noticed astatine all. It’s wholly imaginable you’ve clogged your AirPods Pro pinch wax. But there’s capable chatter astir this 1 that it’s worthy a mention.

AirPods Pro firmware accusation connected an iPhone.Screenshot

And past there’s nan added complication of really AirPods firmware updates work. That is to say, it’s a mostly opaque process. Your telephone aliases tablet gets nan update and pushes them to your AirPods, and that’s that. You don’t really person a opportunity successful nan matter. Apple astatine slightest publicly notes AirPods updates, but nan changelog is mostly unhelpful. Update 6B34 mentions “bug fixes and different improvements” — aforesaid arsenic nan different six update surrounding it. There’s nary connection of immoderate existent changes aliases tweaks beyond that.

Complicating things moreover further is that nan 6B34 update has been astir for a mates months. Some folks person noted amended bass response. Some haven’t. Some person mentioned worsening ANC. Some haven’t.

That’s nan bad news. But arsenic we mentioned astatine nan top, firmware updates besides tin alteration things for nan better. So if your AirPods Pro aren’t sounding arsenic bully arsenic they utilized to, different early firmware update whitethorn thief pinch that.

Or it mightiness not. Welcome to nan future.

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