Don’t update your Pixel phone — a new Android update might break it

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Android 14 introduced a big of convenient additions to Google’s Pixel phones, but a caller insignificant update has utterly surgery nan retention strategy for immoderate users. Specifically, owners of nan Google Pixel 6, Google Pixel 6 Pro, and Google Pixel 6a who tally aggregate profiles connected their phones are reporting that their phones nary longer person entree to nan retention pipeline for nan main profile.

That intends users are locked retired of accessing nan stored media and find themselves incapable to adhd caller files arsenic well. A fewer users person reported connected Reddit and Google’s official organization forum that they can’t moreover click images utilizing nan camera app because it flashes an insufficient retention informing message. A fewer others opportunity trying to instal an APK package besides returns a akin retention penning roadblock.

@madebygoogle @GoogleIndia
i still didn't get immoderate solution of retired of retention rumor successful pixel 6a aft Android 14 update
iam incapable to entree immoderate files and documents pictures successful my pixel6a

— अजय द्विवेदी (@AjayDwivedi23) October 19, 2023

But that’s not nan extremity of it. In immoderate cases, nan instrumentality enters nan reboot travel and flashes a “Factory information reset” connection connected nan screen. If it is accepted, each nan information is mislaid if it has not already been backed up elsewhere. That’s terrifying since recovering information successful specified a lawsuit pursuing a difficult reset would beryllium astir impossible.

The retention hellhole unleashed by nan faulty Android 14 update curiously blocks retention entree only for nan main personification profile. Even pinch a patient chunk of onboard retention vacant, nan remaining information is simply blocked for immoderate benignant of publication aliases constitute activity. For a Pixel 6 bid telephone pinch a guest/secondary/or kid floor plan progressive connected it, nan retention entree is conscionable good for nan non-primary profile.

Google Pixel 6a successful hand.Digital Trends

In consequence to nan complaints posted by affected users connected nan nationalist platforms, Google has yet acknowledged nan rumor and has assured that it is moving connected a solution. However, moreover pinch devices that are simply stuck connected a footwear loop chain, it seems afloat information betterment is going to beryllium tricky. Google says it is “investigating methods that whitethorn beryllium capable to retrieve immoderate data.”

For users that haven’t already updated their device, it goes without saying that they should refrain from installing it. Android updates connected Pixels are delivered automatically, but they are only installed aft nan personification restarts nan device. If that’s nan shape wherever you are at, well, support your telephone powered on.

Google says it has seeded a corrective update via nan Play Store that prevents nan retention problem from manifesting successful nan first place. Unfortunately, there’s nary respite disposable to hole devices that person already mislaid nan information aliases are stuck successful a rhythm wherever nan telephone perpetually shuts down and restarts until nan artillery is drained.

An update is presently successful improvement to hole nan problem, but it hasn’t started rolling retired yet. “We expect a strategy update will repair nan rumor and reconstruct entree to media files without requiring a mill reset,” says nan charismatic Google organization post. We will update this station arsenic soon arsenic a package hole arrives.

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