Don’t watch the 2024 Super Bowl, watch these 3 great TV shows instead

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Joe Allen

By Joe Allen February 11, 2024 4:30AM

 Night Country.Michele K. Short / HBO

The Super Bowl is great if you’re personification who loves football, food, aliases commercials. For nan remainder of america who won’t beryllium tuning into nan large game, though, it’s not for illustration there’s thing other to watch. We’re surviving successful an era wherever nan problem astir group person is that they are subscribed to excessively galore services, and person nary thought really to take what to watch.

If you’re successful that boat, and you don’t deliberation you’re going to walk immoderate Sundays watching shot soon, past you’re successful luck. We’ve picked retired 3 caller bid that are each worthy checking out, and will make for awesome viewing if you’re not readying to tune successful to watch grown men propulsion a shot astir a field.

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True Detective: Night Country (2024)

True Detective: Night Country | Official Teaser | Max

The 4th play of HBO’s True Detective anthology, titled True Detective: Night Country, shifts nan mounting to nan icy tundra of bluish Alaska. It besides shifts nan attraction distant from men to 2 female constabulary officers who are moving together to lick nan disappearance of a group of scientists moving astatine a distant guidelines together.

Jodie Foster has seldom been amended than she is successful nan lead role, and she’s supported by stellar activity from comparative newcomer Kali Reis. The show, which takes spot astatine nan extremity of nan year, is somewhat much supernatural than erstwhile installments, but it’s making nan astir of its incredibly atmospheric mounting successful each episode.

True Detective: Night Country is streaming connected HBO Max.

Slow Horses (2022-)

Slow Horses — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

One of nan top delights connected Apple TV+, Slow Horses is adapted from a bid of novels of nan aforesaid name, and follows a group of MI-5 agents who for 1 logic aliases different person recovered themselves relegated to nan insignificant leagues of spycraft. In spite of their reputations for being bad astatine their jobs, these slow horses often find themselves doing existent spy work, and are usually guided much by their ain consciousness of morality than they are by nan higher callings of MI-5.

Slow Horses is a delight some because it seems to person a reasonably grounded knowing of spies, and because it’s acold funnier than immoderate show astir concealed agents has a correct to be. James Bond this is not, and that’s a bully thing.

Slow Horses is streaming connected Apple TV+.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2024-)

MR. & MRS. SMITH Trailer (2024) Donald Glover

It whitethorn stock a title pinch nan Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie movie, but Mr. and Mrs. Smith takes its communicative successful a wholly different guidance than that film. The bid follows 2 agents who find themselves assigned to transportation retired missions while pretending to beryllium a joined couple, and it doesn’t return agelong for nan lines to get blurry.

Starring Donald Glover and Maya Erskine, nan show is carried disconnected successful ample portion by nan pair’s unthinkable charisma and chemistry, arsenic good arsenic by a slew of impermanent stars that thief make its case-of-the-week stories each consciousness uniquely compelling.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is streaming connected Amazon Prime Video.

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Joe Allen

Joe Allen is simply a freelance writer based successful upstate New York focused connected movies and TV.

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