DP World confirms data stolen in cyberattack, no ransomware used

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DP World

International acumen behemothic DP World has accepted that abstracts was baseborn during a cyber advance that disrupted its operations in Australia beforehand this month. However, the aggregation says no ransomware payloads or encryption was acclimated in the attack.

On November 10, 2023, DP World Australia, which handles 40% of the country's aircraft alembic trade, was targeted by hackers who disrupted landside bales operations at bristles ports. The disruption larboard 30,137 containers stranded, and accessible accumulator spaces were abounding to capacity.

In a account from DP World Australia to BleepingComputer today, the aggregation says that anchorage operations resumed on November 13 and alternate to accustomed cachet on November 17. The balance of over thirty thousand containers was absolutely austere by November 20, 2023.

Regarding the ambit of the appulse and the blazon of cyber attack, DP World has accustomed that the aegis adventure alone affects its Australian business. At the aforementioned time, it did not acquisition any signs of ransomware deployment on the breached systems.

"DP World Australia's analysis has accepted that the adventure was bedfast to the Australian operations and did not appulse any added markets area DP World operates," DP World told BleepingComputer.

"It additionally accepted that no ransomware was begin or deployed aural the DP World Australia arrangement (no ransomware executables, no encrypted files, and no bribe demands)."

The damage, though, wasn't bound to the operational disruption, as DR World's analysis bent that abstracts was baseborn from its systems.

"Regrettably, DP World Australia can affirm that some of its files were accessed by the crooked third affair and a baby aggregate of abstracts was exfiltrated from the DP World Australia network," accepted the agent to BleepingComputer.

"While the analysis has apparent that chump abstracts was not affected, some of the impacted abstracts includes the claimed advice of accepted and antecedent advisers of DP World Australia."

All impacted individuals will be notified to booty the adapted precautions, and they will additionally accept abutment from a aggregation of specialists and account advantage to abate character annexation and artifice risks associated with the abstracts exposure.

At this time it is cryptic who is abaft the attack, and no blackmail actors accept claimed responsibility. Therefore, it could accept been a data-theft advance or a ransomware advance that was shut bottomward afore encryptors were deployed.

The Australian Cyber Security Coordinator, the Australian Cyber Security Center, the Australian Federal Police, the Department of Home Affairs, and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner accept all been abreast of the bearings and are alive carefully with DP World to abate the appulse for those who had their abstracts stolen.