Dragon Age: Dreadwolf: release date speculation, trailers, gameplay, and more

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BioWare has had a unsmooth fewer years. Following nan captious and commercialized occurrence of Dragon Age: Inquisition, the workplace moved connected to Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem, two games that abandoned nan tenets of erstwhile BioWare titles nether mounting patient pressure.

It’s been complete six years since Inquisition, and though we know Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is successful development, it’ll beryllium a while earlier we spot it. From nan merchandise day to nan teaser trailer to immoderate news and rumors we could find, here’s everything we cognize astir Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. 

Release date

A cloaked fig sitting connected a roof.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

We’ve known that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is successful nan useful acknowledgment to nan 2018 Game Awards teaser and immoderate conception art, but we knew not to expect it for a while, though. During a 2020 EA net call, nan company’s Blake Jorgensen said nan following: “You should presume that location is Dragon Age retired there, and we’ve talked astir it publically that it’s successful nan works, and it astir apt comes aft fiscal ’22 … you should presume that it’s retired location and plans are underway for that product, arsenic good arsenic immoderate different products.”

Beyond that, it wasn’t until June 2022 that BioWare officially announced nan game’s title arsenic Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and confirmed that it wouldn’t beryllium coming successful 2022.

The latest blog post announced that nan crippled has completed its Alpha milestone, which intends nan title is playable from commencement to finish. However, this doesn’t mean nan crippled is arsenic adjacent to completion arsenic you mightiness think. This conscionable intends nan squad tin attraction much connected ocular fidelity, gameplay features, communicative pacing, and characteristic progression.


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Short of immoderate creation shown during EA Play 2020 — which we’ll get to adjacent — EA hasn’t released overmuch astir Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. During Gamescom 2020, though, we sewage different look.

Dragon Age 4 - Official Behind nan Scenes Teaser Trailer | gamescom 2020

Despite being 4 minutes long, nan behind-the-scenes look doesn’t really opportunity thing astir Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. The opening of nan video besides mentions next-gen hardware, each but confirming Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will motorboat connected PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Being truthful precocious successful nan generation, it would besides beryllium safe to presume it won’t beryllium coming to last-gen systems too.

Otherwise, nan video offers a fewer glimpses of gameplay and 1 peculiar returning character: Solas. This isn’t needfully news — BioWare has been beautiful forthcoming astir Solas being a cardinal characteristic successful nan adjacent crippled — but it’s bully to get confirmation.


BioWare showed disconnected nan first charismatic teaser trailer for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf during The Game Awards 2020. The trailer shows disconnected Solas and immoderate of nan characters you whitethorn beryllium capable to play arsenic group against nan backdrop of a vibrant imagination world teeming pinch color.

Otherwise, location was a trailer astatine The Game Awards successful 2018, arsenic good arsenic a behind-the-scenes look during Gamescom 2020. Like astir teasers, location isn’t overmuch to spell connected successful nan trailer, short of a azygous portion of speech saying, “So, you recovered maine astatine last. I fishy you person questions.” Accompanying this statement is simply a tag that reads, “The Dread Wolf Rises.” You tin spot nan teaser below.

We’re diving into immoderate spoiler territory here, truthful if you’re willing successful playing Dragon Age: Inquisition before nan 4th introduction successful nan series, skip ahead. The Dread Wolf successful Dragon Age refers to nan elven deity Fen’Harel, pinch nan “Dread Wolf” sanction showing up a batch during nan Trespasser DLC for Inquisition. The lore is complex, to opportunity nan least, and users connected Reddit person already started nan agelong process of breaking down nan trailer. In short, though, Solas, a companion in Inquisition, confesses to being Fen’Harel successful the Trespasser DLC. He past explains nan risks of nan Inquisition becoming corrupt earlier nan Inquisitor is fixed a prime betwixt stopping Solas aliases redeeming him. Solas besides says nan phrase, “I fishy you person questions.”

Of course, we don’t cognize nan crippled of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, but it’s clear Solas is astatine nan halfway of it. Further confirming this, BioWare tweeted a handwritten missive from Solas inviting nan Inquisitor to beverage successful ceremony of Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s 5th anniversary.

Happy 5th Birthday, Dragon Age: Inquisition. pic.twitter.com/mTIRc5HfDM

— BioWare (@bioware) November 18, 2019

The different point nan trailer touches connected is reddish lyrium — successful particular, a reddish lyrium idol from Dragon Age II. If you haven’t played nan 2nd game, spoiler alert: After uncovering nan idol pinch Varric and his relative Bartrand successful nan first act, it poisons Bartrand’s mind. We tin intelligibly spot nan idol successful nan halfway of nan mural, truthful though we don’t cognize what will hap successful Dreadwolf, it will likely involve Solas getting his hands connected nan corrupted idol.

While not a trailer, BioWare posted a organization update that shared immoderate absorbing specifications connected crafting nan narrative. They declare Dreadwolf will beryllium a equilibrium of giving answers to nan long-running questions of nan series, arsenic good arsenic a communicative that caller players tin get invested in.

Codex entries were heavy spoken astir and service arsenic a measurement to springiness a deeper look into nan world, locations, characters, and events of nan Dragon Age world without interrupting nan game. They will dynamically unlock arsenic due during nan game, truthful you will ne'er beryllium overwhelmed pinch entries to read. They are besides framed arsenic in-world texts, specified arsenic letters aliases books, to support nan subordinate invested successful nan world and role-playing aspects of nan game.

Dragon Age Day 2023 came pinch different mini teaser. It is mostly a elemental VO arsenic we spot immoderate images of maps and what whitethorn aliases whitethorn not beryllium in-game shots of locations. The nutrient of it comes astatine nan end, wherever we study that nan crippled will person a afloat uncover sometime successful summertime 2024.


We don’t person immoderate gameplay for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf yet, but EA has teased immoderate conception creation that provides a glimpse astatine what nan crippled will look like.

During EA Play 2020, amid a hype reel for next-gen titles, EA main workplace serviceman Laura Miele said, “BioWare imagines and creates worlds wherever you go nan leader of your ain story,” against a backdrop of nan images below. Although location were nary nonstop references to Dragon Age 4, Miele talked astir BioWare’s “fantasy worlds,” which is capable for us, astatine least.

If nan supra images aren’t from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, they’re from immoderate different epic imagination RPG retired of BioWare. Given that we cognize Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is successful progressive development, though, it’s safe to presume they are from that game.

Some footage from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf whitethorn person spoiled what nan crippled will really play for illustration erstwhile a personification leaked it connected Reddit. From nan footage, nan crippled is acold much action-focused compared to nan much slow, tactical style of nan first game. The subordinate will person normal attacks, arsenic good arsenic typical moves, but nan biggest alteration is nan statement that location will beryllium nary measurement to power your statement extracurricular of triggering definite abilities. This footage appears legitimate, but moreover if it is, it would beryllium from an older build of nan game, truthful plentifulness of things could already beryllium changed.


Previously a Kotaku report stated that nan adjacent Dragon Age crippled will person live-service elements. This presumably comes from EA, which, successful past net calls, has continued to guidelines down games pinch a monetization life rhythm aft launch. Following nan report, Casey Hudson tweeted nan following:

Reading tons of feedback regarding Dragon Age, and I deliberation you’ll beryllium relieved to spot what nan squad is moving on. Story & characteristic focused.

Too early to talk details, but erstwhile we talk astir “live” it conscionable intends designing a crippled for continued storytelling aft nan main story.

— Casey Hudson (@CaseyDHudson) January 25, 2018

As a BioWare worker told Jason Schreier, “Dragon Age games displacement much than different games,” truthful we don’t person a clear guidance connected nan live-service elements (even if we did, they’d astir apt change, astatine slightest according to BioWare employees). Reports retired of nan studio, though, propose that they’ll beryllium focused connected multiplayer only, pinch nan main, single-player run untouched by microtransactions.

To nan joyousness of galore fans retired there, nan mixed occurrence of Jedi: Fallen Order and nan nonaccomplishment of Anthem has led EA to alteration gears pinch this crippled and region nan live-service elements it intended to include. A report from Bloomberg outlined really EA and nan squad person decided to spell truthful acold arsenic to region each multiplayer elements from nan game.


A glowing medievil city.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

EA hasn’t said overmuch astir Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, let unsocial its post-launch plans. However, we fishy that BioWare will get to activity connected DLC packs erstwhile nan crippled yet launches. From Dragon Age: Origins to Inquisition, BioWare has supported each title pinch add-ons and description s, immoderate of which are important to afloat knowing nan story.

As for erstwhile nan DLC will arrive, it will astir apt beryllium soon aft launch. Dragon Age: Origins received its first post-launch DLC only 2 months aft release, and Dragon Age: Inquisition got its first DLC battalion 4 months aft launch.


Preorders haven’t begun for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf yet. In fact, we don’t moreover person a merchandise date. If past releases are thing to spell by, BioWare will person aggregate editions of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf with various preorder bonuses.

Dragon Age: Inquisition topped retired pinch a $170 “Inquisitor’s Edition,” which featured a tarot paper deck, a typical case, a cloth map, a full-scale lock-picking set, a quill and ink, a badge, immoderate coins, and a 40-page journal. It’s been respective years since Inquisition, and nan video crippled manufacture has changed a lot, but we still expect EA to merchandise a big, bold collector’s version for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf packed pinch preorder bonuses.

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