EarFun Free Pro 3 review: featherweight earbuds with a big bass punch

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EarFun Free Pro 3 successful charging lawsuit held successful nan aerial (lid open).

EarFun Free Pro 3

MSRP $80.00

“You could salary much for earbuds than you would nan EarFun Free Pro 3, but why?”


  • Fantastic value
  • Comfy, unafraid fit
  • Big, bass-forward sound
  • Excellent sound canceling
  • Wireless charging
  • Bluetooth Multipoint


  • No deterioration sensors
  • Inconsistent triple-tap gesture

I’ve said it before: We’ve deed nan constituent wherever almost nobody needs to walk much than $100 connected wireless earbuds. Since 2021, there’s been a deluge of products that present comfort, sound quality, progressive sound cancellation, and different desirable features without nan request to walk $150 to $300. And what we tin expect from nan under-$100 category keeps getting better.

The astir caller illustration is EarFun’s Free Pro 3. After spending a fewer weeks pinch them, there’s nary mobility that for $80 aliases little (Amazon discounts EarFun products regularly), they’re a superb buy.

EarFun Free Pro 3: what’s successful nan box

EarFun Free Pro 3 pinch included accessories.Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

Even $249 wireless earbuds for illustration nan Apple AirPods Pro often travel pinch conscionable 3 aliases possibly 4 sizes of eartips, truthful it’s awesome to spot that EarFun has gone supra and beyond pinch 5 sizes of silicone eartips, a group of representation foam tips, positive 3 types of earloops.

You besides get a USB-C charging cable, positive a disposable cleaning tool.

EarFun Free Pro 3: design

EarFun Free Pro 3 beside charging case.Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

EarFun makes earbuds pinch some stem-based and stemless designs. The Free Pro bid are stemless, which immoderate folks prefer. Stemless designs are typically much unafraid because they return up much room successful your ear’s concha, and there’s greater tegument interaction than pinch stem-based earbuds for illustration Apple’s AirPods.

That makes nan Free Pro 3 amended suited to progressive use, for illustration running, cycling, aliases hitting nan gym. They person an IPX5 rating for h2o resistance, which intends that arsenic agelong arsenic you don’t submerge them, they should beryllium capable to grip splashes and sweat effortlessly (as agelong arsenic you cleanable them disconnected aft you usage them.)

But what’s genuinely singular astir nan Free Pro 3 is their weight. Not truthful overmuch nan weight of nan buds themselves — they’re connected par pinch different stemless designs — but nan full weight of nan buds and their charging case, which is conscionable 1.4 ounces. Slip them successful your pouch and you won’t cognize they’re there. The lawsuit moreover has wireless charging, which is nan benignant of characteristic that often gets trim erstwhile manufacturers are looking to support prices low.

EarFun Free Pro 3: comfort, controls, and connections

Simon Cohen wearing EarFun Free Pro 3.Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

Thanks to nan galore included eartips and earloops, I had nary problem uncovering a comfortable and unafraid fit. As has been nan lawsuit pinch astir wireless earbuds I’ve utilized complete nan years, fatigue yet group in, but they were good for up to 2 hours of continuous use.

I for illustration that nan Free Pro 3’s touch controls are afloat customizable wrong nan EarFun companion app (iOS/Android). With single, double, and triple taps connected each earbud — positive a long-press motion — you get 8 power options, which is capable for each imaginable usability including playback, volume, telephone management, ANC control, and sound adjunct access.

These gestures were mostly — but not ever — recognized erstwhile I performed them. Triple-taps tended to beryllium nan ones that grounded astir often, which isn’t unsocial to nan Free Pro 3 (I’ve had problem pinch nan triple-tap connected different products, too). Thankfully, you get a feedback reside erstwhile taps are successfully registered, which astatine slightest eliminates nan “did I do that right?” guesswork.

The 1 missing point is built-in deterioration sensors connected nan earbuds truthful you tin auto-pause your tunes erstwhile you region 1 aliases some buds.

With Bluetooth 5.3, I recovered nan relationship value was very bully and gave maine a decent scope — astir 20 to 25 feet indoors. Their support for Bluetooth Multipoint is simply a large convenience and it useful seamlessly. If you’re considering buying caller wireless earbuds, it’s a must-have, arsenic it lets you enactment connected to 2 devices simultaneously.

EarFun Free Pro 3: sound quality

EarFun Free Pro 3 beside charging case.Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

Audiophiles mightiness find nan Free Pro 3’s sound signature a tad excessively “boosted,” but I emotion it. It has a high-energy vibe that complements a batch of genres and tin thief you get nan astir retired of Dolby Atmos Music mixes, which thin to request a small boost anyway.

As portion of that boost, these earbuds are superb for bass. It’s not easy to make affordable wireless earbuds that present big, bold low-end frequencies without going overboard, but nan Free Pro 3 negociate to do so.

On immoderate of my favourite bass-heavy tracks for illustration Hans Zimmer’s Time and Warming Up My Instruments, positive Billie Eilish’s bad guy, nan Free Pro 3 reminded maine of Sony’s WF-1000 series, which is precocious praise erstwhile you see those earbuds are acold much expensive.

Not a bass head? The EarFun app has a colossal number of EQ adjustments. In summation to nan default tuning, location are 10 presets (12 if you see nan 2 “Oluv” signature presets), positive a 10-band equalizer that lets you configure and prevention your ain presets.

If you hap to ain an Android telephone pinch Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sound, you’ll get hi-res audio support via aptX Adaptive. Switching back-and-forth betwixt an iPhone (AAC) and a Motorola ThinkPhone (aptX Adaptive) — it’s truthful easy to do acknowledgment to Multipoint — I could perceive nan difference. Better separation of frequencies and much item were nan biggest improvements, but location was besides an enhancement of nan soundstage.

I’m not going to show you it’s a quality you’ll beryllium capable to perceive each of nan time. In fact, unless you’re sitting softly and really focused connected nan music, you apt won’t announcement astatine all. But I’m calling it retired because you’ll find plentifulness of fund buds that committedness “hi-res audio” pinch nary perceptible difference.

EarFun Free Pro 3: sound canceling and transparency

EarFun Free Pro 3 successful charging lawsuit (lid open).Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

I’m still benignant of stunned by this, but nan progressive sound cancellation (ANC) connected nan EarFun Free Pro 3 is awesome. It’s amended than connected nan Soundcore Liberty 4 NC ($100), and nether immoderate circumstances — for illustration canceling sound astatine a region — it moreover bests Sony’s LinkBuds S ($200).

I don’t cognize really useful it will beryllium for you, but nan EarFun app has 4 “Ear-Adaptive” profiles for ANC based connected different receptor sizes and shapes. For me, nan default settings worked best.

There’s besides an effective wind-noise cancellation mode.

Cleverly, nan triple-gesture switches you betwixt ANC and transparency mode by default — you don’t person to rhythm done nan ANC disconnected mode. But that disconnected mode is still disposable successful nan app erstwhile you want it to conserve artillery life.

Transparency mode is much of a mixed bag. It does a bully occupation of letting you perceive your surroundings, but don’t trust connected it for clear conversations — your sound will still beryllium rather muffled. That’s not a existent ding against nan Free Pro 3, arsenic afloat transparency is harder to get correct than ANC, and only a fistful of wireless earbuds do it well.

EarFun Free Pro 3: telephone quality

In general, telephone value connected nan Free Pro 3 is good. In quieter conditions, your sound will travel crossed very intelligibly and people — moreover much truthful if you’ve sewage a Snapdragon Sound phone. When things get noisy, your callers won’t perceive overmuch of nan inheritance sound, but they’ll cognize something’s up. The biology noise-canceling package tin person a difficult clip distinguishing betwixt your sound and those different noises, creating wobbliness and compression.

EarFun Free Pro 3: artillery life

Battery life connected these wireless earbuds is astir mean for nan manufacture astatine nan moment. EarFun claims 7.5 hours per charge, pinch an further 25.5 hours successful nan case, for 33 hours total. But that’s a best-case scenario. With ANC turned on, you tin expect astir 6 hours per complaint and 27 hours overall. Listening astatine louder than 50%  — which, acknowledgment to nan Free Pro 3’s fantabulous passive isolation won’t often beryllium basal — will trim those numbers further.

If you do find yourself successful request of a top-up, nan fast-charge strategy will springiness you an other 2 hours pinch 10 minutes of charging.

The EarFun Free Pro 3 get truthful galore things correct that it’s almost easier to show you who shouldn’t bargain them. Don’t bargain them if you for illustration nan fresh of stem-style earbuds. Don’t bargain them if you request crystal-clear transparency mode. And don’t bargain them if you dislike getting awesome worth for your money. For everyone else, nan EarFun Free Pro 3 are highly recommended.

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