Earfun Free Pro 3 wireless earbuds will make you question Apple’s prices

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Simon Cohen

By Simon Cohen October 30, 2023 10:23AM

Earfun Free Pro 3 wireless noise-canceling earbuds successful 3 colors.Earfun

What should it costs to bargain a group of wireless noise-canceling earbuds pinch in-demand features for illustration wireless charging, hi-res audio, and Bluetooth Multipoint? According to Earfun, nan reply is $80 — nan value of its Earfun Free Pro 3. You tin buy them starting October 30 connected Amazon.

As nan latest procreation of Earfun’s Free Pro model, nan Free Pro 3 goes all-in connected caller features while retaining nan ultra-compact style and style that sets nan Free Pro isolated from larger earbuds. The headlining characteristic for immoderate Android users is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sound compatibility, which brings hi-res audio support via nan aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codec and higher-quality sound transmission acknowledgment to aptX Voice.

Earfun Free Pro 3 wireless noise-canceling earbuds.Earfun

Earfun says its progressive sound cancellation (ANC) mode will alteration unwanted sounds by up to 43 decibels pinch an disposable anti-wind sound mode. there’s besides a transparency mode for proceeding outer sounds erstwhile you request to.

The mini charging lawsuit tin beryllium charged wirelessly, and nan Free Pro 3 person immoderate decent claimed artillery life numbers: up to six hours per complaint and 27 full hours erstwhile you see nan case’s capacity. That’s pinch ANC turned on. When you move it off, those number emergence to 7.5 and 33 hours, respectively.

Bluetooth Multipoint lets you support nan earbuds connected to 2 devices simultaneously, and an optional crippled mode will trim latency down to astir 55 milliseconds, according to Earfun.

Woman wearing Earfun Free Pro 3 wireless noise-canceling earbuds.Earfun

With an IPX5 rating for h2o resistance, nan Free Pro 3 should beryllium tin of handling immoderate magnitude of sweat and rainfall you attraction to propulsion astatine them, and nan Earfun companion app gives you entree to a assortment of customizations for illustration EQ and being capable to alteration what nan touch gestures control.

The Earfun Free Pro 3 spell up against immoderate different fantabulous wireless earbuds successful nan $80 to $100 value scope including nan Samsung Galaxy Buds FE, Soundcore Space A40, Soundcore Liberty 4 NC, and Jabra Elite 4.

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