ESPN will be available as a standalone streaming service in fall 2025

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In what has to beryllium 1 of nan longest-awaited changes to nan streaming tv universe, ESPN will beryllium disposable arsenic a standalone streaming work successful nan autumn 0f 2025.

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced nan news during nan company’s first-quarter net telephone for fiscal 2024 — and 1 time aft it was announced that ESPN, Fox, and Warner Bros. Discovery are pooling their sports assets for a ace sports streaming service to motorboat successful autumn 2024. (Disney owns ESPN.)

“The afloat suite of ESPN channels” will beryllium available, Iger said. And it’ll beryllium afloat interactive, pinch e-commerce features besides available, and nan standalone ESPN work will beryllium afloat personalizable.

“Not only will consumers beryllium capable to watercourse their favourite unrecorded games and workplace programing, they’ll besides person entree to engaging integer integrations for illustration ESPN Bet, and imagination sports, e-commerce features, and a heavy array of sports stats, each of which we cognize will beryllium incredibly compelling to younger sports fans successful particular,” Iger said successful his prepared remarks.

The spot astir younger sports fans mirrored what Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch said astir nan upcoming associated task pinch Disney.

“ESPN has agelong prioritized its desire and expertise to service sports fans wherever they are, and these steps will fortify ESPN’s expertise to present connected that promise.”

Iger said nan standalone ESPN work besides will beryllium capable to beryllium bundled pinch Disney+, just arsenic it’s done pinch Hulu.

No pricing accusation was announced.

Interestingly, nan Q1 2024 net merchandise marked nan first clip Disney has not released subscription numbers for ESPN+, its existent sports streaming property. While ESPN+ includes a world of unrecorded sports and on-demand content, it’s ever lacked nan unrecorded ESPN shows and events disposable connected linear cablegram and streaming services. ESPN+ had 26 cardinal subscribers arsenic of nan extremity of Disney’s fiscal 2023.

“Ultimately,” Iger said, “our ngo is to make ESPN into nan preeminent integer sports brand, reaching arsenic galore sports fans arsenic imaginable and giving them moreover much ways to entree nan programing they emotion successful immoderate measurement champion suits their needs.”

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