Europe's largest caravan club admits wide array of personal data potentially accessed

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The Caravan and Motorhome Club (CAMC) and nan experts it drafted to thief cleanable up nan messiness caused by a January cyberattack still can't fig retired whether members' information was stolen.

According to an update shared pinch members precocious past week and now published connected its website, nan CAMC listed each nan different types of information that mightiness person been accessed, and each nan information that decidedly wasn't, but remained firmly connected nan obstruction arsenic to whether immoderate theft really took place.

"The cyber information squad conducting nan forensic investigation cannot corroborate that immoderate personnel information has been accessed, stolen, aliases is being utilized successful an unauthorized manner," said Nick Lomas, head wide astatine nan CAMC.

"In nan tone of transparency, we want to make you alert that nan pursuing information was held connected nan servers that were perchance accessed."

CAMC, which has much than a cardinal members, offers a assortment of security policies done its website, and those who acquisition different types of sum whitethorn beryllium affected to different degrees.

If members took retired policies for Mayday breakdown security betwixt 2018 and 2024, nan grade of nan imaginable information discuss includes names, addresses, conveyance registration numbers, argumentation numbers, argumentation commencement and extremity dates, and rank numbers.

For caravan security policies betwixt 2018 and 2024, members whitethorn person had their names, argumentation numbers, argumentation prices, and argumentation commencement and extremity dates accessed.

Members who made claims connected their Red Pennant emergency assistance – breakdown screen for European trips – betwixt 2018 and 2024 whitethorn person had a wealthiness of information accessed. This includes:

  • Names

  • Addresses

  • Dates of birth

  • Mobile telephone number

  • Email addresses

  • Policy numbers

  • Membership numbers

  • Vehicle registration numbers

  • Caravan conveyance recognition number

  • Information astir claims made

CAMC said this accusation was gathered to grip claims and nan magnitude of information collected for each declare whitethorn beryllium different for each customer.

The statement has asked members not to make interaction regarding immoderate imaginable individual information information matters arsenic it will beryllium contacting affected members directly, should nan information beryllium yet recovered to beryllium compromised. 

"Our purpose is not to siren members unnecessarily, but we judge we person a work arsenic a members' nine to stock specifications astir nan incident," said Lomas.

In an FAQ section connected its website, CAMC confirmed costs details, campsite booking details, and passwords are unaffected but "as a precautionary measure," members are advised to update their passwords anyway.

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Members are warned to beryllium other watchful against phishing attacks via email aliases matter messages, and to debar clicking immoderate suspicious links.

"This type of incident is simply a reminder that we must each stay vigilant to immoderate different aliases spurious requests for individual details," said Lomas. 

"Data information is of paramount value to nan Club, our members, guests, and suppliers. We person taken further actions nether nan instruction of our cybersecurity experts to heighten nan Club's cybersecurity to thief forestall this type of incident from happening again."

Lomas besides said that nan statement will nary longer station updates to its societal media channels astir nan incident, per nan recommendations of nan contracted third-party investigators.

"It's important that we don't raise consciousness of specifications of nan incident to nan cybercriminals and our cybersecurity experts person advised america not to stock immoderate further specifications to do pinch nan incident connected societal media. We would counsel you to travel nan aforesaid guidance."

Any further updates will beryllium published connected its website and communicated straight to members.

"I would for illustration to connection my sincere apologies for immoderate inconvenience this has caused, and convey you for your continuing patience arsenic we return to normality," Lomas concluded.

Incident recap

Reg readers were nan first to cognize astir the issues astatine nan CAMC aft aggregate members sewage successful touch asking america to investigate.

Members were pleading pinch nan nine for days to summation assurances that their information was safe. CAMC's comms squad constricted interaction to societal media replies that offered small penetration into what was going connected down nan scenes of an outage that saw its website and app pulled offline for weeks.

Screenshots of nan website and mobile app of nan Caravan and Motorhome Club, some displaying nan different outage messages

Screenshots of nan website and mobile app of nan Caravan and Motorhome Club, some displaying nan different outage messages

The online issues began connected January 20 and according to caller societal media posts, afloat website and app entree was only restored connected February 6.

The charismatic statement astatine nan opening was that investigators had been drafted successful and location was nary grounds to propose personnel information was compromised, a stance that has since shifted to unfastened up nan anticipation of information access. CAMC, however, reported itself to nan UK's information watchdog, nan Information Commissioner's Office, from nan outset.

Despite nan wording of nan CAMC's disclosure sounding an atrocious batch for illustration ransomware, and nan truth LockBit claimed nan onslaught connected its leak blog, nan statement has ne'er confirmed that nan incident progressive ransomware.

Without verifying nan data, LockBit does person 9.47 GB worthy of files allegedly belonging to nan CAMC disposable for download connected its website.

If ransomware was progressive successful nan attack, nan publication of files would mostly propose that nan statement didn't salary immoderate ransom was group by nan criminals. ®