Everything Apple didn’t announce at its ‘Scary Fast’ launch event

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Alex Blake

By Alex Blake October 30, 2023 5:30PM

There’s nary uncertainty that Apple had plentifulness to unveil astatine its “Scary Fast” event connected October 30, pinch caller devices galore revealed complete nan show’s duration. For what was an unexpected show, Apple managed to battalion successful an atrocious lot.

Despite that, plentifulness of rumored products ne'er made nan cut. That intends they could still beryllium successful nan works, aliases possibly were simply dropped by Apple earlier release. Either way, we’ve rounded up everything that was rumored for nan show but ne'er made an quality — publication connected to spot what didn’t make it.

M3 MacBook Pro 13-inch

Fortnite moving connected a Macbook M1.Digital Trends

While Apple did update nan 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, nan 13-inch exemplary has been near connected nan M2. In fact, it’s been killed altogether and replaced by an M3 14-inch MacBook Pro. That is contempt nan truth that it was rumored to get updated to nan M3.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro had been utilizing a chassis that was 7 years old, which is astoundingly agelong for a portion of premium tech. It still had nan Touch Bar, has heavy bezels, and moreover an outdated chassis shape. We’ve dubbed it the worst MacBook that Apple still sells. Thankfully, it is nary more. At slightest for now.

M3 MacBook Air

The MacBook Air connected a array successful beforehand of a window.Digital Trends

It’s been almost 18 months since nan 13-inch MacBook Air was updated, and it’s starting to look a small agelong successful nan tooth. Yet that excessively went without changes astatine nan “Scary Fast” show.

That’s apt down to nan beingness of nan 15-inch MacBook Air, which complicates nan image somewhat. This laptop was only announced successful June 2023, truthful an update a specified 4 months later would person been unthinkable. Presumably, Apple will adjacent update some sizes of nan MacBook Air astatine nan aforesaid time, but for now, nan 13-inch type has to wait.

27-inch iMac Pro

The backmost of a metallic iMac successful an office.Digital Trends

There were whispers that different type of iMac would travel nether nan spotlight astatine nan “Scary Fast” show: nan iMac Pro. Apple has agelong been rumored to beryllium moving connected either a 27-inch aliases 32-inch iMac containing a much powerful spot than that recovered successful nan 24-inch iMac. Either those claims were simply incorrect aliases Apple is still processing nan device, because it was obscurity to beryllium seen astatine nan event.

Instead, Apple was happy to constituent imaginable buyers toward its refreshed M3 iMac, which nan institution was eager to comparison to aged Intel-based iMacs.

Other desktop Macs

A personification sitting astatine a table utilizing a Mac mini.Apple

That leaves america pinch 3 much products successful Apple’s Mac range: nan Mac mini, nan Mac Studio, and nan Mac Pro. All 3 were agelong shots going into nan event, and that’s particularly existent of nan Mac Studio and nan Mac Pro, which were only updated successful June 2023. In nan end, it was nary astonishment erstwhile they grounded to show up.

The Mac mini has gone a spot longer since an update, but not much: nan latest type was unveiled successful January 2023. It’s not updated peculiarly regularly, meaning different upgrade wrong nan aforesaid twelvemonth was improbable to travel to walk — and that’s really it proved connected nan day, pinch nary Mac mini successful sight.

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