Everything we know about about Hideo Kojima’s OD: trailer, platforms, and more

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If there’s 1 creator you tin count connected for creating nan types of games you ne'er spot coming, it’s Hideo Kojima. After his exodus from Konami and nan statement of his ain studio, he directed his first non-Metal Gear crippled in decades pinch Death Stranding. He has already confirmed that a sequel is successful nan works but has now revealed a 2nd project. OD, or Overdose as immoderate mention to it, will beryllium nan first heavy dive into a genre Kojima has only touched connected successful his different games, arsenic good arsenic nan beloved P.T.: horror. While you tin ne'er really cognize what to expect from this studio, particularly coming from a man who loves to mislead his assemblage pinch his marketing, we’ll guideline you done everything we cognize astir OD.

Release window

A man's look successful a achromatic void.Kojima Productions

OD has nary merchandise model astatine this clip and will get aft DS2, which besides doesn’t person a merchandise date. Considering really small was shown, OD astir apt won’t get earlier 2026 astatine nan earliest if we had to make an knowledgeable guess.


While nary platforms are officially confirmed for OD, it is being made successful business pinch Xbox Game Studios, meaning that it is assuredly coming to nan Xbox Series consoles. Whether aliases not it will beryllium a console exclusive, and if so, for really long, is unknown.

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The OD trailer is much of a tech demo aliases showcase than thing else. It showcases nan main actors for nan game, Sophia Lillis and Hunter Schager, monologuing successful a achromatic void. What they are saying seems wholly nonsensical, though it could clasp immoderate secrets that will only make consciousness erstwhile nan crippled comes out. The trailer finishes pinch nan sound of a doorway opening and Sophia’s characteristic letting retired a terrified shout.

Aside from those 2 actors, Udo Kier is besides group to prima successful nan game. On nan improvement side, scary head Jordan Peele is besides confirmed to beryllium collaborating connected OD, though we don’t cognize precisely successful what capacity.


A woman's look looking concerned.Kojima Productions

The biggest enigma astir OD is what type of crippled it will be. We cognize it will beryllium a scary title, but who you play arsenic and really is each a mystery. While connected shape Kojima only stated that OD “is a game, don’t get maine wrong, but it’s astatine nan aforesaid clip a movie, but astatine nan aforesaid clip a caller shape of media.” Interpret that arsenic you will.

Kojima has besides vaguely noted that nan title will leverage Xbox’s unreality exertion successful immoderate way, but it’s not clear what he intends by that. He antecedently was rumored to beryllium moving connected a single-player crippled for Google Stadia earlier that work unopen down, though Kojima has since denied that nan task was a platform-exclusive Death Stranding sequel. Whether aliases not he was successful talks pinch Stadia astatine each is still unclear, but OD does show that Kojima is willing successful experimenting pinch unreality technology.


We’re astir surely years distant from OD releasing, truthful there’s nary inkling astir preorders yet. Considering that it has immoderate unreality component, it’s not moreover clear what its distribution will look like. However, being an Xbox Game Studio, it will apt beryllium added to Game Pass, truthful subscribers should expect it to beryllium added whenever it does launch.

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