Exclusive: Bose discontinues its Frames line of audio smart glasses

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Simon Cohen

By Simon Cohen December 11, 2023 2:25PM

A man cutting the Bose Frames Tempo outdoors.The Bose Frames band of audio acute glasses has been discontinued. Bose / Bose

Bose has accepted to Digital Trends that it is alternate its Bose Frames band of audio glasses. Almost bristles years to the day afterwards Bose launched the Frames as allotment of a beyond audio aggrandized absoluteness initiative, the aggregation alone has one archetypal larboard on its site, the Frames Tempo, which are listed as awash out — and with the amount additionally bargain in half, at that. Over the years, Bose awash several versions including the Alto, Soprano, Tenor, Rondo, and Tempo.

Ironically, it was the barrage of Amazon’s third-gen Echo Frames audio acute glasses that prompted us to ability out to Bose, which told us that “Bose is in the action of phasing out Frames.”

In a aftereffect email with Bose, we were told that “the majority of our account is awash through. You ability see some on the Bose website amid now and the holidays, but by the end of the year, they will no best be available.” Existing Bose Frames owners will still accept abutment from Bose, and the aggregation has said that all breath warranties will abide intact.

Bose Frames Alto reviewBose Frames Alto. Rich Shibley / Digital Trends

The Bose Frames (and audio glasses in general) accept accustomed mixed reviews back their debut. The accord was that the abstraction of aggregate sunglasses or decree glasses with complete speakers and microphones has merit.

Unfortunately, audio affection usually disappointed, which overshadowed the account angle. Digital Trends analyst Andy Boxall summed up this angle in 2021 back he said unequivocally: “Bluetooth audio smartglasses are a decay of amplitude on your face.” It didn’t advice that anon afterwards the Bose Frames launched, Bose shut bottomward the audio AR platform that it had acclimated to advance the new product.

Despite this blood-warm reception, the industry isn’t giving up on the abstraction of putting speakers, mics, cameras, and alike screens on our faces. Bose ability be done with its Frames, but Meta and Ray-Ban are advance heavily in their collective acute glasses artefact and Amazon is on its third-gen Echo Frames model. Even AR refuses to die, although best companies are focused on beheld AR, not audio AR.

It’s not the aboriginal time that Bose has stepped aback from a chic it helped to define, alike as competitors blitz to accommodate alternatives. In 2021, it appear the Bose Sport Open — the aboriginal open-ear earbuds. In backward 2022, it dead them. In the final canicule of 2023, it seems as admitting Bose is one of the alone companies that doesn’t advertise an open-ear earbuds model.

Even admitting the aggregation has discontinued two open-ear articles in a row, allegedly Bose is alone demography a blow afore it tries again. “We haven’t abandoned the open-ear category,” our acquaintance told us — so break tuned; Bose ability accept article new for us to analysis out in the not-too-distant future.

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