Exercise Cyber Star tests Singapore response

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Sponsored The cyber onslaught which culminated successful nan individual specifications of 1.5m patients being compromised aft hackers collapsed into nan databases of SingHealth successful 2018 provides a stark illustration of why organizations successful Singapore request to stay vigilant and good protected against further incidents.

Fostering nan knowledge and expertise to do precisely that is nan volition down nan Exercise Cyber Star program. Delivered by a business betwixt nan Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) and nan SANS Institute, nan week agelong yearly arena is designed to amended nan island's situation consequence capabilities and style its readiness to ward disconnected immoderate early full of federation cyber attack.

The 5th version (XCS 2023) kicked disconnected connected September 25. It brought together complete 450 participants from 11 captious accusation infrastructure (CII) sectors - aviation, banking and finance, energy, government, healthcare, info-communications, onshore transport, maritime, media, information and emergency, and h2o – for a bid of method workshops and bid station exercises.

Ransomware, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), Industrial Control Systems (ICS) discuss and insider threats were conscionable a fewer of nan threats nether discussion, followed by hands connected sessions that reinforced schoolroom learning pinch rehearsals of operating procedures designed to foil those type of attacks. The arena was rounded disconnected by GRID NetWars, an interactive, hands connected simulation of nan benignant of existent world cyber onslaught which could beryllium launched against immoderate of those ICS systems successful Singapore.

Helping to prep nan adjacent procreation of cyber information professionals was SANS APAC Technical Director, Delaney Ng. Delaney hosted a group of 20 young group from Singapore successful collaboration pinch Cyber Youth Singapore (CYS), shared stories astir his profession and offering proposal connected nan champion measurement to triumph astatine GRID NetWars to occurrence their enthusiasm.

You tin find retired much astir really SANS Institute's training, array apical exercises, cyber ranges and information consciousness successful nan Asia Pacific region by contacting nan institution astatine this reside - asiapacific@sans.org.

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