FBI: Play ransomware breached 300 victims, including critical orgs

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) says nan Play ransomware pack has breached astir 300 organizations worldwide betwixt June 2022 and October 2023, immoderate of them captious infrastructure entities.

The informing comes arsenic a associated advisory issued successful business pinch CISA and nan Australian Signals Directorate's Australian Cyber Security Centre (ASD's ACSC).

"Since June 2022, nan Play (also known arsenic Playcrypt) ransomware group has impacted a wide scope of businesses and captious infrastructure successful North America, South America, and Europe," nan 3 authorities agencies cautioned today.

"As of October 2023, nan FBI was alert of astir 300 affected entities allegedly exploited by nan ransomware actors."

The Play ransomware operation surfaced successful June 2022, aft nan first victims reached retired for thief successful BleepingComputer's forums.

In opposition to emblematic ransomware operations, Play ransomware affiliates opt for email connection arsenic their speech transmission and will not supply victims a Tor negotiations page nexus successful ransom notes near connected compromised systems.

Nevertheless, earlier deploying ransomware, they will bargain delicate documents from compromised systems, which they usage to unit victims into paying ransom demands nether nan threat of leaking nan stolen information online.

The pack is besides utilizing a civilization VSS Copying Tool helps steal files from protector measurement copies moreover erstwhile those files are successful usage by applications.

CISA Play ransomware tweet

Recent high-profile Play ransomware victims see nan City of Oakland successful California, car retailer elephantine Arnold Clark, unreality computing institution Rackspace, and nan Belgian metropolis of Antwerp.

In guidance issued coming by nan FBI, CISA, and ASD's ACSC, organizations are urged to prioritize addressing known vulnerabilities that person been exploited to trim their likelihood of being utilized successful Play ransomware attacks.

Network defenders are besides powerfully advised to instrumentality multifactor authentication (MFA) crossed each services, focusing connected webmail, VPN, and accounts pinch entree to captious systems.

Additionally, regular updating and patching of package and applications to their astir caller versions and regular vulnerability assessments should beryllium portion of each organizations' modular information practices.

The 3 authorities agencies besides counsel information teams to instrumentality nan mitigation measures shared pinch today's associated advisory.

"The FBI, CISA, and ASD’s ACSC promote organizations to instrumentality nan recommendations successful nan Mitigations conception of this CSA to trim nan likelihood and effect of ransomware incidents," agencies said.

"This includes requiring multifactor authentication, maintaining offline backups of data, implementing a betterment plan, and keeping each operating systems, software, and firmware up to date."