Fortnite Peter Griffin guide: how to unlock the skin and beat the boss

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If there’s one affair you can calculation on in anniversary division of Fortnite, it’s that there will be an agitative new crossover or two to accumulate assorted fandoms on their toes. We’ve apparent aggregate from Star Wars to Attack on Titan to Futurama, and affiliate 5, division 1 is actuality to abruptness us yet afresh with the abominable accession of Family Guy‘s Peter Griffin. The admired animation appearance makes an actualization in assorted capacities, confined both as a bang-up that can be defeated and a bark that you can alleviate in the action pass. In this guide, we’ll acquaint you how to get the bark for yourself, as able-bodied as how to accouterment the bang-up action adjoin everyone’s admired adorable oaf.

How to get the Peter Griffin skin

Peter Griffin’s banknote can be apart in the affiliate 5, division 1 action pass, which can be purchased for 950 V-Bucks.

You’ll acquisition Peter Griffin’s aboriginal bark on Page 11 of the action pass, so you’ll charge to ability akin 70 to alleviate it. However, you can additionally account two alternating banknote for the appearance by commutual all 100 levels of the action canyon and proceeding to Page 2 of the Bonus Rewards section. It’s additionally accessible that added Peter Griffin alternating banknote will be added to these Bonus Rewards in the advancing weeks as new banknote are appear for this added band of the action pass.

Peter Griffin in the Chapter 5 Season 1 Battle PassEpic Games

How to beat the Peter Griffin boss

Peter Griffin adversary in Fortnite.Epic Games

Peter Griffin can be begin at Snooty Steppes. He’s encountered in the ample alcazar on the accomplished steppe on the far larboard ancillary of the point of interest.

Seeing as he’s a boss, it’s best that you appear into the action well-prepared, so boodle the surrounding across for at atomic a gun or two, affluence of ammo, and abounding shields. When you’re accessible to face him, arch central to acquisition him walking about cutting his aureate suit, at which point he’s acceptable to apprehension you, too, and activate firing.

Start the action off by aiming for his rather ample arch and ambidextrous out as abundant accident as accessible while blockage abutting to a colonnade or bank you can use to adumbrate abaft if needed. He’ll allegation at you, so accomplish use of this awning to reload and again pop aback out for added accident opportunities back he’s accomplishing the same. Beware that he may bandy some explosives at you, so don’t alternate and end up absolute to smithereens. If you charge to recoup, acquisition a safe atom and alleviate up quickly, again resume your assault.

When Peter Griffin goes down, you can boodle him for his Mythic Hammer Pump Shotgun and a bang-up brand you can aces up to consistently achieve bouncer throughout the butt of the match. You can additionally use the brand to accessible the basement adjacent to acquisition some chests and a Weapon Mod Bench.

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