From Lara Croft to Bayonetta, these are our favorite Tekken 8 custom characters

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Raven customized to look for illustration Scorpion successful Tekken 8.Bandai Namco.

The Tekken bid isn’t conscionable known for its slick 3D fighting. Like nan Soul Calibur series, Tekken has go conscionable arsenic celebrated for its fantabulous characteristic customizer complete nan years. As seen pinch Street Fighter 6‘s create-a-character, if you springiness players entree to a instrumentality this powerful, past you tin expect tons of designs ranging from jaw-droppingly awesome to conscionable plain weird.

In Tekken 8‘s case, players instantly began creating their ain dream impermanent characters utilizing nan customization mode erstwhile it launched. It’s almost scary really charismatic immoderate of nan civilization creations we’ve seen truthful acold are, bringing characters from wholly different games into nan ring. So galore person blown maine distant already, truthful I’m taking a break from nan grind to stock immoderate highlights. Who knows? Maybe it’ll animate you to create thing of your own.


Jun Kazama dressed arsenic Tifa Lockhart successful Tekken 8's customization mode.Bandai Namco

It’s obvious, pinch truthful galore fans clamoring to spot Final Fantasy 7‘s Tifa successful Tekken, that she would show up instantly done nan powerfulness of customization. Thanks to her signature fighting style, she’s a earthy fresh for nan roster. Most players, for illustration Twitter personification ts__villa, person utilized Jun Kazama arsenic her ground acknowledgment to her hairstyle and characteristic fitting best, but others for illustration Reina. I conscionable dream we get her added officially truthful I tin driblet everyone other and take her arsenic my forever-main character.


Tekken 8's Zafina dressed arsenic Bayonetta and holding an orb.Bandai Namco

I didn’t deliberation thing could look amended than Tifa moving around, but nan civilization Bayonetta edits I’ve seen are downright unbelievable. You’d deliberation she was officially successful nan game. When I saw really good group for illustration Twitter personification nob_matrix Bayonetta’s creation worked for Zafina, my jaw dropped. That’s kicked disconnected a trend, too. Once players caught upwind of nan Umbra Witch successful Tekken 8, tons of variations started popping up crossed nan game. That’s astir apt a motion that Bandai Namco should see making her a imperishable roster member.

Leon S. Kennedy

Hwoarang dressed arsenic Leon Kennedy successful Tekken 8.Bandai Namco

Another beloved crippled leader to make his measurement into Tekken 8 is Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 4. If you’ve played online, you’ve astir apt seen his iconic jacket, haircut, and shotgun connected a multitude of characters. While a batch of players usage Dragonuv arsenic a ground because of his subject fighting style, I, and others for illustration the creator of this circumstantial look, pittuchamp, person gone pinch Hwoarang instead. He conscionable fits nan look and cognition of Leon measurement more.

Lara Croft

Nina arsenic Lara Croft successful Tekken 8.Bandai Namco

Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft is different communal characteristic that Tekken fans person agelong wanted to spot successful nan series. Her chances of ever appearing are low, but seeing creators for illustration Redditor TripleHGH person made it happen. That’s accomplished by having Nina tally astir successful her classical outfit. Her very fitting fighting style is adjacent capable to Lara’s to make it activity pinch immoderate imagination. When I first saw a image of this custom, I thought it was from an charismatic Tomb Raider game, truthful that’s rather an accomplishment.


Reina arsenic Mileena successful Tekken 8.Bandai Namco

While we’re decidedly ne'er going to beryllium getting a Mortal Kombat vs Tekken crossover anytime successful nan future, players person put nan conflict together themselves. The astir celebrated civilization from nan gore-filled combatant has been Mileena, utilizing Reina, arsenic seen present from Redditor RipMrMufasi. That’s not all, though. I’ve seen Scorpion and Sub Zero travel to nan roster done a Raven edit and Sonya Blade, acknowledgment to Nina. Who needs Mortal Kombat 1 anyway?


Alisa arsenic 2B successful Tekken 8.Bandai Namco

One of nan astir simultaneously fitting and unfitting customs successful online servers correct now has to beryllium 2B from Nier Automata, who is built connected Alisa (this type comes from Twitter personification my_livinglegacy). The android body, nan fighting style, nan robotic sound — it each comes together truthful perfectly that, for illustration nan different customs mentioned here, you’d deliberation it was an charismatic summation to nan game. Considering that 2B really did look successful different fighting game, Soulcalibur 6, she has nan champion chance of becoming an existent combatant in Tekken 8 1 day.

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