FuboTV: channels, price, plans, packages, and add-ons

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If you’re a sports fan, FuboTV whitethorn beryllium nan reply to your cord-cutting dreams. What is FuboTV? It’s a unrecorded streaming work that focuses chiefly connected sports-focused unrecorded TV and tin thief you discontinue cablegram for good. And it’s very overmuch increasing successful popularity, presently sitting successful 4th spot successful nan U.S. pinch astir 1.17 cardinal subscribers.

FuboTV’s pricing and plans — and moreover nan channels disposable — are competitory pinch services that are galore times its size. And that’s what’s awesome astir nan full streaming space: You person options. That’s besides nan difficult part. It tin beryllium reliable to show nan quality betwixt FuboTV and Hulu With Live TV. Or FuboTV versus YouTube TV. What makes 1 guidelines retired supra nan others?

We’ll look astatine nan FuboTV channels, pricing, and everything other that makes it what it is, including what makes it a viable action successful 2023.

FuboTV unrecorded guideline arsenic seen connected Apple TV.Phil Nickinson/Digital Trends

FuboTV value and plans

There are 4 Fubo TV plans — Fubo Pro, Fubo Elite, Fubo Ultimate, and Fubo Latino — that scope successful value from $70 per period to $100 per month.

Here’s really nan full FuboTV costs shakes out:

Fubo Pro is nan caller guidelines scheme and gets you 170 channels for $75 a month. With that, you’ll person 1,000 hours of cloud-based DVR (the expertise to “record” shows to play backmost later) and nan expertise to watch connected up to 10 screens astatine location and 2 distant from your location network. This is what Fubo calls “unlimited” contempt it having a beautiful clear limit.

Fubo Elite ramps things up to $85 a period and has 235 channels (with 130-plus events successful 4K), different 54 from nan Fubo Extra plan, and another 11 from News Plus. DVR remains nan aforesaid astatine 1,000 hours, and you still person nan aforesaid 10 “unlimited” screens astatine location and 2 connected nan road.

Fubo Premier is $95 a period and offers 244 channels successful each (with nan accustomed events successful 4K), positive nan aforesaid other channels arsenic Elite — 54 Fubo Extra and 11 News Plus channels. It besides includes Showtime, has 1,000 hours of cloud-based DVR, and 10 unlimited screens, positive 2 distant from home.

Fubo Latino is $33 a period and offers 45 channels of Latino-themed contented and a unreality DVR of 250 hours. You tin only watch 2 screens astatine erstwhile connected this plan.

All of these plans travel pinch a free seven-day trial. You tin salary monthly aliases quarterly — but there’s nary discount if you fork complete nan rate for 3 months astatine a time.

FuboTV channels

FuboTV has a competitory slate of channels. That starts pinch your section broadcast affiliates, though you’ll want to cheque nan Fubo website because those tin alteration somewhat depending connected wherever you live.

Fubo Pro — nan caller starter scheme — has 145 channels, but that number includes 8 different beIN Sports channels, 11 from TUDN, and a fewer others that besides person alternates. Here’s what you tin expect:

A&E, ABC, ABC News Live, ACC Network, AccuWeather, American Heroes Channel, Animal Planet, beIN SPORTS, beIN SPORTS 4, beIN SPORTS 5, beIN SPORTS 6, beIN SPORTS 7, beIN SPORTS 8, beIN SPORTS en Espanol, BET, BET Her, BET Jams, BET Soul, Big Ten Network , Bravo, CBS, CBS Sports Network, CBSN, Cheddar, CMT, CNBC, CNBC World, Comedy Central, Comet, Cooking Channel, Cozi TV, Destination America, Discovery, Discovery Family, Discovery Life, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, DIY Network, E!, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPNews, ESPNU, Estrella TV, Food Network, Fox, Fox Business, Fox News, Freeform, FS1, FS2, Fubo Movie Network, Fubo Sports Network, Fubo Sports Network 2, Fuse, FX, FXM, FXX, FYI, Galavision, Game Show Network, getTV, GINX Esports, Golf Channel, Great American Country, Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Drama, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, HGTV, History Channel, INSP, Investigation Discovery, Law & Crime Network, Lifetime, LMN, Local Now, Logo, LX TV, MLB Network, MotorTrend, MSNBC, MTV, MTV 2, MTV Classic, MTV Live, MTVU, Nat Geo Wild, National Geographic, NBA TV, NBC, NBC News Now, NBCSN, Newsmax, Newsy, NFL Network, NHL Network, Nick Jr., Nick Music, Nick Toons, Nickelodeon, Olympic Channel, OWN, Oxygen, Pac-12 Network, Paramount, People TV, Pop TV, Revolt TV, Science Channel, SEC Network, Smithsonian Channel, Sony Movie Channel, Stadium, Stadium 1, Stadium 2, Stadium 3, Syfy, Tastemade, TeenNick, Telemundo, Tennis Channel, The CW, The Weather Channel, TLC, Travel Channel, TUDN, TUDNXtra 1, TUDNXtra 10, TUDNXtra 11, TUDNXtra 2, TUDNXtra 3, TUDNXtra 4, TUDNXtra 5, TUDNXtra 6, TUDNXtra 7, TUDNXtra 8, TUDNXtra 9, TV Land, TVG, UniMás, Universal Kids, Universo, Univision, USA, VH1, Vice, WGN, Zona Futbol.

There whitethorn besides beryllium section channels disposable successful your location, so cheque nan website for nan astir up-to-date channels.

The different packages see Fubo Extra pinch 47 much channels. Those channels include:

Cooking Channel, Gameshow Network, BBC World News, NBA TV, NHL Network, MLB Network, Sony TV, People TV, Zona Futbol, INSP, Revolt, CNBC World, Tennis Channel, TeenNick, NickToons, NickMusic, MTV2, Logo, BetJams, MTVU, MTV Live, MTV Classic, BET Soul, BET Her, Destination America, Discovery Life, SCI, America Heroes Channel, Discovery Family, Nat Geo Wild, PAC 12 Networks, ESPN U, UST, ESPN News, FXM, Great American Living, People are Awesome, Justice Central, Outside, Revry, The Elvis Presley Channel, Real Nosey, Circle, Retro Crush, 911 Network, and Nosey.

The FuboTV streaming work connected a television.Phil Nickinson/Digital Trends

Other FuboTV add-ons

The channels supra are conscionable nan guidelines plans. There are a number of different options arsenic well.

You’ll find a fewer premium movie options, which see aggregate channels. Those include:

  • Showtime for $11 a month
  • Starz for $9 a month
  • Epix for $6 a month
  • Pantaya for $6 a month

Or you tin get Showtime, Starz and Epix bundled together for $20 a month, redeeming you $6 a month.

There are a number of further sports and news packages, too. Some of it is successful summation to what you’d get pinch Fubo Pro aliases Fubo Elite, but location besides is immoderate overlap. Here’s really it each breaks down:

  • Sports Plus pinch NFL RedZone ($11 a month): This gets you NFL RedZone, which flips done nan games arsenic teams are astir to score. It besides has NBA TV, NHL Network, MLB Network, MLB Strike Zone, Stadium, Tennis Channel, Zone Futbol, ESPNU, PAC-12 Networks, ESPNews, VSIN, Game Plus, Fight Network, and TVG2.
  • International Sports Plus ($7): A awesome action for world sports fans, it features Fubo Latino Network, Fox Deportes, Zone Futbol, ESPN HD Deportes, GolTV English, GolTV Spanish, TyC Sports, Fox Soccer Plus, Tico Sports, NXTLVL Sports, and Real Madrid TV.
  • Adventure Plus ($5): For those who emotion nan outdoors, it includes Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network, Outside TV, MAV TV, and Insight TV.
  • News Plus ($3): i24 News, NewsNet, BBC World News, Law & Crime, Africa News, Ticker News, Bloomberg TV+, Cheddar News, CNBC World, and Euro News.
  • NBA League Pass ($15): Watch up to 40 out-of-market games each week.
  • Sports Lite ($10): Additional sports channels, including NBA TV, MLB Network, NHL Network, Tennis Channel, SEC Network, ACC Network, ESPNU, and ESPNews.
  • Latino Plus ($20): This gets you nan champion of Spanish-language unrecorded sports, including Fox Deportes, Zone Futbol, ESPN HD Deportes, GolTV Spanish, TyC Sports, Sony Cine, El Gourmet, Nat Geo Mundo, Nuestra Tele, Telefe, Familia Discovery, Discovery en Espanol, tr3s, Baby TV, WAPA America, Cine Latino, Television Dominicana, CATV, and Passions.
  • TV5Monde ($10): All things French, including unrecorded Ligue 1 football, Rugby Top 14, films, news, and more. Includes on-demand content.
  • Portuguese Plus ($15): Portuguese-language news and sports, including GolTV Spanish, Benfica TV, RTP Acores, RTP 3, and RTP Internacional.
  • FOX Nation ($6): Everything to do pinch Fox News, this includes a room of 180-plus shows and thousands of original shows, series, and exclusives.
  • RAI Italia ($9): Italian screen of Coppa Italia.
  • Entretenimiento Plus ($10): Music and movies from Spain, Mexico, and different countries.

FuboTV and 4K

FuboTV, astatine 1 point, was nan only unrecorded TV streaming work successful nan U.S. to connection up thing successful 4K. (Yes, upscaled 4K, not native.) That was and remains constricted to unrecorded sports, and it’s still amended than nothing. But events stay reasonably fewer and acold between, pinch possibly a crippled aliases title a day. (Here’s the afloat FuboTV 4K schedule.)

And FuboTV isn’t nan only 4K crippled successful municipality anymore — YouTube TV besides offers up beautiful overmuch nan aforesaid events from nan likes of NBC Sports and Fox. One awesome alteration successful 2022, however, is that FuboTV nary longer throws successful 4K contented for free anymore connected nan Pro plan. Like pinch YouTube TV, you’ll person to salary up if you want immoderate benignant of show successful 4K resolution. That intends you’ll person to eschew nan $70-a-month Pro scheme and skip consecutive to nan $80-a-month Elite package. That’s still $5 cheaper than nan $85 a period you’ll person to salary for 4K contented connected YouTube TV ($65 for nan guidelines scheme and $20 for nan 4K Plus package), truthful there’s that.

And nan accustomed caveats still apply. You’ll request to person a TV pinch a 4K panel, and immoderate different instrumentality you’re utilizing to really watercourse Fubo TV will request to support 4K resolution.

FuboTV app connected an iPhone.Phil Nickinson/Digital Trends

FuboTV devices

The short type is this: If you person a comparatively caller instrumentality — beryllium it a streaming stick, connected TV, aliases moreover a web browser — you should beryllium capable to get to FuboTV. The app is disposable connected each awesome streaming platform.

Here’s nan much elaborate breakdown:

  • Amazon Fire TV: This goes for each Fire TV devices, arsenic good arsenic nan awkwardly named Fire TV Edition TVs (basically, that’s a TV pinch Fire TV OS arsenic nan operating system.)
  • Android TV/Google TV: This intends devices for illustration Nvidia Shield and Chromecast pinch Google TV, arsenic good arsenic different devices that are moving afloat builds of Android TV. The aforesaid goes for televisions pinch Android TV arsenic nan operating system.
  • Apple TV: From nan fourth-generation container and newer.
  • Android phones/tablets: So agelong arsenic you person Android 5.0 aliases higher — and you almost surely do.
  • Roku: It’s nan biggest streaming instrumentality successful nan U.S. and afloat supported for Model 3700X and up.
  • Xbox: If you person Xbox One, One S, aliases One X, you’re bully to go.
  • Smart TVs: You tin watch FuboTV connected Vizio from 2016, Samsung from 2015, LG from 2018, and Hisense from 2020.
  • iOS/iPad OS: From iOS 13 and up and iPad OS 13.1 and up.
  • Web browsers: You’re bully connected Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

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