GNOME Foundation's new executive director sparks witch hunt

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Holly Million is replacing Neil McGovern arsenic nan executive head of nan GNOME Foundation, though her colorful CV is starring to shocked reactions from immoderate successful nan community.

GNOME's new head Holly Million has worked for immoderate years successful nan non-profit sector. She is erstwhile executive head astatine nan Biobricks Foundation, and has besides worked pinch Dignity Moves and Artists United, arsenic good arsenic fundraising for nan Oscar-winning 1997 short documentary A Story of Healing.

She replaces erstwhile Debian task lead Neil McGovern, now ED of Ruby Central, who left nan role a twelvemonth back. He, successful turn, replaced self-described punk stone lawyer Karen Sandler, who replaced original GNOME ED "Stormy" Peters.

A constituent to statement present is that Million is nan 2nd GNOME ED who is not chiefly a technologist. The domiciled involves nationalist speaking connected behalf of GNOME, and importantly, helping nan non-profit statement to raise sponsorship. Being nan assured nationalist look of an unfastened root task isn't astir package development: it's alternatively a domiciled for a communicator.

Concepts for illustration "open source" and "desktop environment" are not easy for galore firm aliases governmental group and bodies. After all, successful nan world of proprietary operating systems, specified arsenic Windows, macOS, IBM OS/2 and its offspring, aliases moreover nan world's starring Linux distro ChromeOS, you mostly get nary prime successful specified matters.

As, successful galore countries, you get nary prime of religion. Even immoderate ample able nations are rather homogenous successful belief belief, which tin lead to group becoming intolerant of little communal religions and belief systems, moreover if they don't recognize it. Which we fishy is what lies down immoderate of nan reactions to Million's appointment, specified arsenic that of manufacture commentator Bryan Lunduke. He seems incapable to grip GNOME hiring a "Professional Shaman" arsenic caller Executive Director.

GNOME is simply a arguable desktop, and no alien to differences of opinion itself. We are judge that specified reactions were anticipated, sadly enough, and Million appears to person been going astir nan web deactivating accounts aliases making them private.

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The Reg FOSS table spent clip successful Dublin, Ireland, while getting joined past week, and among different things saw nan original Book of Kells successful Trinity College. It occurs to this hack that nan aforesaid benignant of utmost attraction and devoted effort that went into hand-inscribed manuscripts besides goes into package development, particularly successful languages that require exacting pains-taking attraction specified arsenic C, of which it has notably been said:

Perhaps this is why FOSS has attracted immoderate different intensely belief people, specified arsenic GNU's Friar Thomas Bushnell of nan Brotherhood of Saint Gregory. On nan different hand, languages that don't turn group into fungible cogs besides don't origin ample organizations to travel together, complete pinch schismatic communities.

From this vulture's position extracurricular of each religions – including that of utmost devotion to free software – each of them are beautiful overmuch arsenic strange, and we've recovered pagans, witches, and different non-conformists much friendly, welcoming and accepting than immoderate of nan big, good established sects. We wish them, and Million, good – and more power to their corporate elbows. ®