Google Drive users angry over losing months of stored data

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Google Drive users are advertisement that contempo files stored in the billow accept aback disappeared, with the billow account reverting to a accumulator snapshot as it was about April-May 2023.

Google Drive is a cloud-based accumulator account that allows bodies to abundance and acceptance files from any internet-connected accessory via their Google account. It is a broadly acclimated account by individuals and businesses (as allotment of Google Workspace).

A trending affair appear on Google's abutment forums starting aftermost anniversary describes a bearings area bodies say they absent contempo abstracts and binder anatomy changes.

"There is a austere affair actuality that needs to amplify urgently. We accept a abutment admission open, this has not been accessible to date," said a Google Drive user on the abutment thread.

"I pay added anniversary ages to abundance folders in the billow so that it is safe, so it is adverse that all my assignment appears to accept been lost," addition Google Drive user posted.

The action logs on impacted accounts do not appearance any contempo changes, acknowledging that the users themselves didn't accidentally annul them.

Overall, there are no break of a user absurdity but rather a botheration with the service's arrangement that prevented the synchronization of abstracts amid the bounded accessories and Google Cloud at some point.

Some users accept offline caches that ability accommodate the missing data, but no accepted adjustment exists to restore acceptance to the abstracts aural them.

Google's advance abutment agents accept acquaint an alleged response from Google's abutment engineers that confirms they are already investigating the issue. However, an appraisal for a fix hasn't been provided yet.

"Please access my aboveboard affliction if I'm clumsy to accompany the Google Meet session. I am continously tracking this case and to be cellophane with you we absolutely accede now that you are not the alone chump afflicted by this behavior.

Aside from the cilia articulation you provided there are added admins now that accept appear the aforementioned behavior we appointment area afterwards the amend there are files that went missing. This is now actuality advised by our Product Engineers and we are additionally cat-and-mouse for a basis account appraisal as able-bodied on how we can fix it. Due to the advancing analysis we are clumsy to accommodate an ETA yet.

We don't acclaim as able-bodied to accomplish changes on the root/data binder while we delay for instructions from our Engieers. I will abide to adviser the behavior of appear affair from added admins and agenda a callback tommorow aforementioned time acquisitive there are advance aural the day that I can bear afore our Google Meet session." - Google Support Team.

The advocacy for those afflicted is to abstain authoritative changes to the root/data binder until the bearings clears up and the basis account of the botheration is determined.

Understandably, abounding users are balked by the accident of analytical abstracts they entrusted to the cloud-based account and, in abounding cases, paid for the hosting of their files. 

A notable aspect of the bearings is that Google's abutment forums are backed by volunteers with bound acumen or compassionate of the billow service, so the abridgement of able abetment in analytical problems like this makes it all the worse.

BleepingComputer has contacted Google for an amend on the cachet of the centralized analysis and whether the absent files are recoverable or irreversibly lost, but we accept not accustomed a acknowledgment by advertisement time.

In this situation, Google Drive users should burden from alteration their billow accumulator as it ability complicate the accretion process. Instead, your best bet would be to acquaintance Google Support, accessible a new case, and adviser for official updates.

Until the botheration is resolved, it would be added advisable to advancement important files locally or use a altered billow service.