Google Drive vs. Dropbox: which is best in 2023?

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There are a batch of different ways to shop files online aliases stock them pinch others. Services for illustration Google Drive and Dropbox are some celebrated choices that are besides convenient for easy sharing ample files you couldn’t fresh into an email. 

If you’re wondering which is better, there’s nary logic to guess. We’ve already compared nan 2 retention services for you and compiled nan results below.

Google Drive wins nan free retention battle

Both Dropbox and Google Drive connection free retention abstraction for those who would for illustration to effort retired their respective services earlier putting down a fewer dollars a period for thing much expansive and permanent. Google Drive comes standard, pinch 15GB of free space, acold much than Dropbox’s first free retention offering of conscionable 2GB.

Although that does springiness Google a notable separator successful this section, Dropbox offers respective ways to summation your free storage. Basic (free) accounts tin gain an further 500MB of retention abstraction for each friend aliases family personnel referred to nan service, up to 16GB.

While nan further earned retention abstraction leads to Dropbox offering much free abstraction than Google Drive, referring hoards of friends isn’t a elemental task. Especially successful today’s world, astir group who want unreality retention already person it. It’s bully that Dropbox has that option, but ultimately, Google Drive’s free retention is simply better.

For paid storage, it’s a tie betwixt Drive and Dropbox

If you want to shop thing beyond a fewer gigabytes, it doesn’t matter which unreality retention solution you opt for; you’re going to person to salary for it. Both Google Drive and Dropbox connection premium subscription services, giving you overmuch much distant storage. The mobility is, which 1 has nan amended packages available?

Dropbox presently offers 2 sets of plans: One group offers retention and different tools, and nan different group offers chiefly storage. For nan purposes of nan guide, we’re only going to attraction connected the group of Dropbox plans that chiefly connection storage. The Dropbox Plus relationship offers 2TB of retention space, which adds distant instrumentality swipe and multi-factor authentication (which is basal for keeping files unafraid these days). It’ll group you backmost $120 for nan twelvemonth aliases $12 a month. There’s besides nan action of a Professional account, which costs $17 (per period if billed yearly) and offers 3TB of retention abstraction positive watermarking and shared nexus controls.

Updated pricing tiers for Dropbox retention plans.screenshot/Anita George / Digital Trends

Dropbox besides offers Standard and Advanced accounts for teams and business users, including further record betterment time, spectator history, and instrumentality approvals. The Standard accounts are constricted to 5TB of retention for a squad for $15 per personification monthly (when billed yearly). The Advanced accounts commencement disconnected by offering a whopping 15TB for nan team. It’s overmuch much expensive, though, costing $24 per personification per period erstwhile paid annually aliases $30 per personification per period erstwhile paid monthly. They besides travel pinch a wealthiness of squad guidance options, including devices specified arsenic single-sign-on integrations and gradual admin roles. Dropbox besides offers an Enterprise plan, but you’ll request to interaction them for pricing.

On nan different hand, for individual users, Google Drive simply offers 3 superior tiers of pricing aft nan free option, each nether its Google One service. The first is called Basic and it’s a $2 per period scheme that provides 100GB, entree to Google experts, and acheronian web monitoring. The Standard scheme is simply a $3 per period action for 200GB that includes nan erstwhile benefits and “3% backmost successful nan Google Store.” The last action is simply a much professional-oriented tier called Premium, and it offers 2TB for $10 per period and entree to 3 Google Workspace premium features.

Updated pricing tiers for Google One retention plans.screenshot/Anita George / Digital Trends

Ultimately, Google Drive and Dropbox some person their advantages erstwhile it comes to pricing. If 100GB of abstraction will suffice, Google Drive’s $2 a period action is nan champion bet. But if you request overmuch much retention owed to imaginative projects aliases business needs, Dropbox whitethorn beryllium nan measurement to spell since its paid plans commencement astatine $12 per period for 2TB erstwhile billed monthly. In this case, it’s a spot of a tie because who wins this class is based connected what your nonstop retention needs are. If it’s much personal, Google Drive’s Google One work mightiness beryllium best. More professional? Dropbox mightiness beryllium nan 1 for you.

Dropbox edges retired Drive pinch record syncing

Dropbox tin sync files crossed aggregate devices and operating systems, including each superior desktop and mobile platforms. As Cloudwards breaks down successful its comparison, its Linux support and “smart-sync” group Dropbox isolated from nan competition, arsenic it intends only changes are synchronized, not nan full record aliases folder.

In comparison, Google Drive’s syncing supports aggregate devices and operating systems, though it doesn’t support Linux natively. Some workarounds make it so, but it’s not an officially supported level for record syncing. While it does fto you prime circumstantial files to sync, it doesn’t support syncing of record changes, often called “block-level” synchronization. That intends it needs to re-upload aliases download full files to sync them.

Dropbox wins again pinch record sharing

File sharing is of paramount value to galore unreality retention customers, arsenic it makes it overmuch easier to nonstop ample files aliases folders to groups of people.

Google Drive lets you stock files and folders utilizing nan mobile app aliases successful nan web browser interface, pinch nonstop links aliases nan action to email entree to your trusted stock partner. It besides offers nan opportunity to springiness viewing and editing permissions to those you stock with, letting you customize nan powerfulness they have. The only downside is that without passwords aliases expiry dates connected those links, they do coming a imaginable information problem if you don’t move your shared files aliases folders successful nan future.

Screenshot showing main Google Drive interface.Mark Coppock/Digital Trends

Dropbox offers conscionable arsenic overmuch elasticity pinch designating shared folders and files. However, Professional, Standard, and Advanced relationship holders tin group passwords and expiry dates connected links, which thief protect your information long-term. You tin besides group personification edit permissions pinch a Standard aliases Advanced account.

Dropbox’s stock page besides makes it easy to spot which folders and files you’ve made accessible to others. Ultimately, that, mixed pinch amended information protections for personification data, makes Dropbox nan amended choice.

Outside support and productivity options

Google Drive tin quickly prevention and shop Gmail attachments and copy stored images pinch Google Photos, and it makes collaboration easier done Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The Google Workspace Marketplace has a assortment of third-party apps for Google Drive, giving nan unreality retention solution a batch much imaginable than immoderate of its competitors.

Dropbox has besides developed its ain products and partnerships. Dropbox has tons of extensions that connection support for various email clients and chat apps (like Gmail and Microsoft Teams, respectively), and let users to do things for illustration motion documents aliases nonstop faxes.

Plus, Dropbox has added its apps complete nan years to compete pinch Google much directly. That includes Dropbox Paper for creating contented and Dropbox Transfer for sending ample files securely. Notably, nan work besides precocious released a caller Desktop app to combine each its services into a cleaner interface that makes them much usable and integrates Dropbox much afloat pinch operating strategy capabilities.

Dropbox has travel a agelong measurement present and again is much friends for analyzable aliases enterprise-level businesses. Still, it’s besides very convenient that Google keeps everything successful nan Google family. It’s a draw: The victor present yet depends connected what you need.

Dropbox conscionable hardly thumps Drive successful information and privacy

In a world of post-Snowden revelations and regular hacks of awesome organizations, ensuring your distant information and privateness are protected is simply a awesome information for galore unreality retention customers.

For its part, Dropbox encrypts your information pinch SSL/TLS encryption while files are successful mobility and past to a 256-bit AES modular erstwhile astatine rest. It besides offers multi-factor authentication for relationship access, to forestall unauthorized users from gaining access. Paying customers tin besides remotely swipe sync files should they suffer a applicable device. Version rollback moreover lets you switch updated files for differing periods of clip depending connected your package, offering immoderate measurement of protection against ransomware.

Google Drive offers comparable information features, though it uses 256-bit AES encryption pinch files successful transit and erstwhile astatine rest. It besides supports two-factor authentication and Cloud Identity features for businesses.

Overall, Dropbox has a flimsy lead here. And that’s mostly because it offers much information and mishap protection features than Google’s Workspace and One plans and offers clear explanations of those features.

Dropbox wins nan tight race

Google Drive and Dropbox person an aggravated rivalry, each strategy trying to triumph much users pinch fantabulous free work options aliases nan champion caller paid upgrades. Despite reliable competition, we find that Dropbox is simply a superior unreality retention strategy to Google Drive.

That said, location are immoderate cases wherever Google Drive whitethorn amended service your needs. For newcomers to retention systems pinch constricted experience, scarce funds, and small record content, Google Drive is nan champion action to effort out, arsenic it has a free type pinch a batch much perks than Dropbox.  Seasoned Google users will person nary problems navigating done and knowing nan format of Google Drive. While Google users mightiness for illustration what’s acquainted to them, we still deliberation Dropbox is nan champion service.

Business users will find Dropbox particularly advantageous because it has features for illustration terabytes of retention successful each of its paid plans, robust record syncing and sharing, and a adjuvant password protection characteristic for shared files. 

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