Google Pixel 8 is even cheaper than it was on Black Friday today

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Retailers for illustration Amazon and Best Buy offered nan unlocked Google Pixel 8 pinch 128GB of retention capacity for only $550 alternatively of its sticker value of $700 successful past Black Friday’s phone deals, but successful lawsuit you missed it, you’ve sewage an moreover amended chance correct now. Amazon’s Woot is offering nan aforesaid smartphone for only $540, for savings of $160 and $10 cheaper than its value for nan shopping holiday. You’re going to person to hurry pinch your acquisition if you’re willing though — there’s still a fewer days near successful nan bargain, but we’re not judge if stocks will past that long.

Why you should bargain nan Google Pixel 8

The Google Pixel 8 is featured successful our roundup of nan best Android phones arsenic nan 1 pinch nan champion value, truthful it’s an moreover amended acquisition for a discounted price. It’s equipped pinch a 6.2-inch Pixel 8 Actua show that’s ace crisp and vividly colorful, and pinch nan Google Tensor G3 chip, it’s highly accelerated and soft moreover erstwhile you’re multitasking betwixt apps. The processor besides provides powerful protection to support your accusation safe, alongside nan Titan M2 information spot and VPN by Google One.

In our Google Pixel 8 versus Samsung Galaxy S24 comparison, which pits 2 guidelines exemplary flagship Android smartphones against 1 another, nan Google Pixel 8 comes distant pinch respective victories.  These see a much rounded floor plan for those who for illustration this design, an unadulterated Android 14 acquisition pinch nan fastest updates and regular characteristic additions, effortless taking of pictures headlined by its 50MP main camera and AI editing features, a bigger 4,575 mAh artillery pinch faster charging, and little price.

Whenever location are Pixel deals, you tin beryllium judge that there’s going to beryllium a batch of liking successful discounts for nan Google Pixel 8. We don’t expect it to beryllium immoderate different for this $160 discount from Amazon’s Woot for nan smartphone’s 128GB model, particularly since it’s unlocked. The savings of $160 that you tin get connected nan Google Pixel 8’s original value of $700 is moreover larger than what you could person gotten during nan past Black Friday, truthful don’t hold for nan sale’s past infinitesimal earlier completing nan transaction because we’re beautiful judge that stocks are already moving low.

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Google Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro are backmost astatine their cheapest ever prices

Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro successful pinkish and white.

If you're reasoning astir getting 1 of Google's Pixel smartphones, now's a awesome clip because nan latest versions -- nan Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro -- are backmost down to their lowest-ever prices connected Amazon. The 128GB Google Pixel 8 is connected waste for $549, for a $150 discount connected its original value of $699, while nan 128GB Google Pixel 8 Pro is disposable for $799, for savings of $200 connected its sticker value of $999. There's a batch of request for these devices since they were conscionable released successful October 2023, truthful nan value trim intends stocks will surely beryllium flying disconnected nan shelves. There's nary telling erstwhile nan connection will expire, truthful if you're interested, it's highly recommended that you proceed pinch your acquisition of either of these telephone deals arsenic soon arsenic you can.
Google Pixel 8 -- $549, was $699

The Google Pixel 8 is nan baseline exemplary of nan brand's latest bid of smartphones, and it's powered by its latest processor -- nan Google Tensor G3 that's paired pinch 8GB of RAM, which enables cool and businesslike capacity moreover erstwhile nan instrumentality is multitasking betwixt respective apps. It comes pinch Android 14 pre-loaded, truthful you'll bask nan operating system's newest features. The Google Pixel 8 besides features a 6.2-inch Actua OLED surface pinch solution of 428 pixels per inch, a rear camera setup that includes a 50MP wide and 12MP ultrawide lenses, and a 10.5MP selfie camera astatine nan front.

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The champion Google Pixel Watch deals you tin shop correct now

A personification wearing nan Google Pixel Watch 2.

Smartwatches person go an important instrumentality erstwhile trying to support up pinch nan physics world we unrecorded in, particularly since it saves you nan problem of pulling retired your telephone and looking astatine a screen. There are, of course, an absolute ton of smartwatches to prime from, from Apple's Watch Series to Samsung's Galaxy Watch, but if you're successful nan Google ecosystem and want its creation language, past nan Pixel Watch is nan 1 to spell for. So far, location person been 2 iterations of nan Pixel Watch you tin grab, aliases if you want thing successful nan aforesaid Google family, FitBit is different replacement since it was bought retired a fewer years agone by Google.

Either way, if nan offers beneath don't rather tickle your fancy, moreover though they are substantial, location are immoderate different fantabulous smartwatch deals to return a look at.
Google Pixel Watch -- $200, was $350

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Snag a Google Pixel Tablet pinch charging dock while it’s $100 off

Google Pixel Tablet connected its charging dock.

According to Google, location is wherever nan dock is. That makes cleanable consciousness for nan Google Pixel Tablet, a smart 11-inch tablet designed to activity seamlessly connected its charging dock and off. It features nan Android operating system, Google TV, Chromecast built-in, and more. But nan Hub mode is wherever it's at, transforming 1 of nan champion tablet deals into thing more. With this tablet, you besides get a integer photograph frame, smart location hub, and hands-free assistant. Normally $499, Best Buy is offering nan Google Pixel Tablet 11-inch 128GB exemplary pinch its charging dock for $399, a savings of $100. The 256GB exemplary is besides connected waste for $100 off, astatine $499 alternatively of its accustomed $599. Those deals are bully connected nan Google Pixel Tablet successful immoderate of its disposable colors, but you'll want to hurry if you're interested. The woody isn't going to past long.

Why you should bargain nan Google Pixel Tablet and charging dock
The Google Pixel Tablet fundamentally blends 2 experiences into one. The traditional, hands-on style tablet you're utilized to, pinch nan complete Android experience. Or, a docked hub and smart surface a la immoderate of nan competition's smart adjunct devices -- for illustration nan Echo Show. Powered by Google Tensor G2 successful tablet form, nan built-in spot features Google's AI to connection fast, soft streaming opportunities, high-quality video calls pinch friends and family, meticulous sound typing, and businesslike multitasking. While docked, you tin deliberation of it arsenic a smart speaker pinch a screen. You tin simply telephone retired "Hey Google" to play euphony aliases videos, hunt for answers online, aliases moreover power smart location devices.

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